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Adam Barta demands 1/3 of Farrah Abraham's "Blowin'" earnings

Singer Adam Barta claims he and Farrah Abraham worked on her recently released single together before she dropped him and released the song on her own, pocketing all proceeds.

Farrah Abraham attends the 'The Hungover Games' cast party at Lure on February 11, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
Photo by Michael Buckner

In an April 2 report by TMZ, Barta said he had a deal with Abraham and that they collaborated on the song, "Blowin,'" agreeing to share credit and profits. But that wasn't what happened. As fans have witnessed in recent weeks, Abraham has taken full credit for the song and also put out a music video which featured her daughter, five-year-old Sophia.

In response, Barta has sent Abraham a legal letter, demanding she fork over 1/3 of her profits, and revealing that he plans to sue her if he doesn't receive the money.

From the sound of things, Abraham is in some serious legal trouble -- and this isn't the first time. Just months ago, the former "Teen Mom" star received a cease and desist letter from Vivid Entertainment, demanding she stop slamming them in the press and claiming to have been raped on their tour.

So far, no word from Abraham on Barta's claims or the possible lawsuit she is facing.

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