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Ad advocates gun safety with marital aid

Yes, that’s the headline, no typos at all. Reported today the advocacy group Evolve just released one of the most hilarious commercials so far this year, promoting gun safety with dildos. Don’t think so, just watch the video. Using an item that is typically known to be kept (just like guns) out of sight and out of reach for children, the ad shows dildo owners (just like gun owners) need to step up their security measures. The ad pokes fun at one of the most heated political topics, but the purpose is to get all sides to think about the unintentional gun deaths that could be prevented.

The ad was released just two days after Everytown For Gun Safety published a gun violence report about children and guns. According to their report, data from Dec. 2012 - Dec. 2013 found “at least 100 children were killed in unintentional shootings.” What the report also revealed was “more than two-thirds of these tragedies could have been avoided,” if gun owners had properly stored their guns. Furthermore, of the “two-thirds” -- 65 percent of those deaths happened in the gun owners home or car, because the guns were not properly secured. But this isn’t the first time guns have been paired with sex toys. According to The Week, in 2011, on Valentines Day a “drive-thru sex shop in Alabama,” advertised to customers they could trade in their guns for store credit, as a way to promote love not war.

Although the ad released today using dildos might not sit so well with some, the idea is to help raise awareness to promote gun safety. The advocacy group states, it is not anti or pro gun -- but simply stands for smart gun choices. Evolve is a group founded on the belief that a “third voice is needed in the gun debate,” according to their website. They will not be involved in legislative processes, but would rather focus on “interacting with both pro and anti-gun entities,” because they believe "safety is not a side."

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