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Acute ear polyp condition diagnosed in rescue kitten

Elaina suffered from an acute ear polyp condition. Help defer Elaina’s surgery costs by donating online to the CAPIC Cat rescue fund.
Elaina suffered from an acute ear polyp condition. Help defer Elaina’s surgery costs by donating online to the CAPIC Cat rescue fund.

A polyp is a projecting growth from a mucous surface. Ear polyps in cats are a fairly uncommon occurrence. However, the condition can cause severe damage to the eardrum if not properly diagnosed or treated by a veterinarian. Ear polyps can occur in cats of all ages but are usually seen in cats between the ages of one and four. Polyps can affect all breeds as well as both male and female cats.

The Cat Adoption & Pet Information Center, better known now as CAPIC Cats, is an all-volunteer cat rescue group based in Raritan, New Jersey. CAPIC specializes in Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

Recently CAPIC rescued a six month old kitten that they named Elaina, a sweet bright-eyed beauty. However, during her wellness exam at Belle Mead Animal Hospital, Elaina was diagnosed with a very acute ear polyp condition.

“The ear polyp’s origin was in the tympanic bulla which is the part of the skull that the ears attach to,” said Dr. Martins, DVM, Belle Mead Animal Hospital. “Most polyps are in the Eustachian tube and grow under the soft palate of mouth. They also might grow out from around the area of the external ear drum and can be pulled free. If they are grasped by the base and pulled and torn away with the root, then usually they don't grow back. The patient can then feel and breathe better and have a normal life. In our practice, we see about two of these cases a year.”

Unfortunately for Elaina, her polyp was deep inside the skull and needed an aggressive surgical approach to the tympanic bulla to cure the condition.

“Our veterinarians here correctly diagnosed what was required. The polyp needed to be scraped from Elaina’s skull by a skilled boarded veterinary soft tissue/orthopedic surgeon. One slip of the hand or complication surgically could lead to death,” continued Dr. Martins.

Elaina was referred to NorthStar VETS, a 24 hour emergency veterinarian hospital located in Mercer County, New Jersey, who provide board-certified surgeons and internists. There Elaina found a capable surgeon willing to take a case like hers. She pulled through the surgery beautifully and is now back safely in CAPIC foster care.

“Years ago pets suffering from a condition like Elaina’s would be euthanized,” added Dr. Martins. “On Elaina’s behalf, a big thanks to the rescue efforts and commitment by CAPIC Cats to help this kitten in need, and to the skilled doctors at our practice and those at NorthStar VETS for helping to save Elaina’s life.”

Elaina will make some lucky person or family a wonderful pet. For adoption details regarding her or any other CAPIC kitten, please visit the CAPIC Cats website.

CAPIC relies on foster homes to house the adoptable kittens and cats they rescue and donations to fund their rescue activities.

The surgery to save this kitten’s life was at a cost of $2,200. You can also make donations to the CAPIC Cat rescue fund to help defer the costs via PayPal at

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