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Acura strange happenings

Dear Barbara,

My wife had a strange thing happen at the local grocery store. She came out to find her windows all wide open as well as the moon roof open. She never opens the back windows and has never ever opened the roof, not on this 2006 Acura TL and not on her previous 2000 model.

Is there an electrical/mechanical answer for what happened here, or is it much more likely that some fun loving teenagers have a key or device and they are either playing a prank or they took a joy ride having a spy follow the owner around the store and cell phone them when the owner gets to the checkout line?

Thanks for your great comments!


Dear Ken,

I have never heard of this on any type of vehicle ever in my life’s history of full rounded car experience. Please do not email me next week to tell me that the car drove itself to the movies! Please call the dealer and follow up with me to let me know what they have come up with.

Thanks for writing in,



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