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Acura Driven by Passion tour culminates at Mayfest

The author enjoying the Acura RLX test drive in Chicago
The author enjoying the Acura RLX test drive in Chicago
Photo taken of the author on his phone

Acura concludes a multi-city cross-country tour showing off the new Acura RLX and RLX hybrid at Chicago’s Mayfest this weekend. The RLX Driven by Passion Tour started in Pasadena, California in February and ends in the city of broad shoulders this weekend. Driving the Acura RLX is a great way to get to your next adventure in luxury.

Acura Drive by passion tour
Courtesy of Acura

I had a chance to test the new model out at Mastro’s Steakhouse on Dearborn Thursday night. I was quite pleased with the performance. It is a comfortable drive with a feel that really responds to the driver.

I just about put my guide Charles through the window when I tapped on the breaks. I currently drive a 2006 car, so my breaks are quite worn and need a little work. Responsive breaks are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to features in the new Acura.

Two options in particular raised my eyebrows when it came to thinking about safety on road trips to the next adventure. The Acura includes adaptive cruise control and lane assist. This means the car almost drives itself once safely on the interstate. The technology in the adaptive cruise control is so precise that you can use it in the city. Just don’t forget to brake at stoplights as the sensor keys in on objects not street lights and stop signs.

Don’t just take my word on it. Take a look at the new Acura RLX yourself this weekend at Chicago’s Mayfest, which is the first major street fest of the season. Hope that this fact catches the eye of the weather and we start seeing warmer weather since today brought snow to northern Illinois and cold rain to Chicago.

Not only is Acura on hand at Mayfest, popular Chicago bands like Hairbanger’s Ball, Too White Crew, and Mr. Blotto will be performing.

Check out the first big street festival of the year and listen to entertaining music. Be sure to check out the Acura tent and take a test drive of the new luxurious RLX. I know the new models have heat, and you might need it in this cold Chicago spring.

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