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Acupressure therapy is a powerful healing tool for pets

Acupressure is used in conjunction with massage during a therapy session.
Acupressure is used in conjunction with massage during a therapy session.
Chasing Dreams LLC

All animals respond to touch. It is both physically and psychologically necessary, as touch helps to increase blood flow. Touch is also a way of communication by letting our animals know we love them. That is why Cathy Sauer, owner of Chasing Dreams, LLC offers acupressure therapy as part of a her well-rounded program of wellness options for animals and pets.

“Acupressure has been around for thousands of years,” said Sauer. “It is based on traditional Chinese medicine of preventative care. It provides a powerful healing tool for your pet.”

Acupressure works by unblocking the meridians or channels where chi and blood flow to nourish the body.

“During a massage session, I use acupressure in conjunction with the massage where I feel tension or an animal becomes reactive at the acupressure points,” continued Sauer. “However some animals such as cats and even some dogs who may not tolerate a full massage session can still benefit from acupressure. I will only work on the acupressure points and forego the full body massage in such cases.”

Sauer added that this therapy is extremely beneficial in boosting the immune system and keeping the animal’s body in balance.

“I usually recommend one session per week for the first two to four weeks, then reduce the sessions depending on the situation and how the animal responds,” said Sauer. “My goal is always to get our pets on a maintenance schedule which is usually one session per month.”

Cathy Sauer is a member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists, an association whose member technicians are trained and operate under guidelines specifically designed to achieve the ultimate benefits of animal massage therapy.

Chasing Dreams LLC is located in Central New Jersey. Sauer maintains a mobile office and works throughout Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Monmouth, Warren and Hudson Counties. Sauer can be reached through her website contact page with questions and to set up a consultation.

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