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Acupressure keeps pets healthy

For Centuries, man has used acupressure to keep healthy. One of the ancient healing methods that works today, acupressure is an ideal procedure for keeping pets healthy. It involves only relaxation, calmness, and concentration.

It was developed by ancient Chinese doctors who found that by applying pressure to specific points on the body called meridians healed wounds, disorders, and illness.

Aside from the fact that this healing method works it is less intrusive than acupuncture and produces no stress to the animal. It puts the animal into a healing mode which enhances the results.

Before anyone begins a session the first thing to do is become relaxed. This is done by sitting still on the floor in a cross-legged position with the back straight, hands on the knees and eyes closed. Sitting on a chair with the hands on the knees and eyes closed works as well. Then take deep breathes inhaling and exhaling from the nose. Do this slowly about half a minute. After the breathing is complete then tighten every muscle in the body starting from the toes and finishing at the eyes. This should take approximately one to two minutes.

Now you are relaxed enough to begin the session. Call your pet to you and begin a grooming session. Once this is done both you and your pet are in a relaxed state to begin the acupressure.

First introduce the pet to the session by gently passing the hands over the pet’s entire body from head to tail and down the legs. Use circular motions taking a deep breath then letting it out as you move your hands. Repeat this three times. This should take about five minutes. You are now ready to do acupressure on your pet.

After the acupressure is complete then repeat the opening procedure to close the meridians.

There are many approaches to doing acupressure this is just one. It helps to put the individual in the right place to get the best results.

Meridian charts are available online and Milwaukee area pet owners can get more information at Ace Acupressure.

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