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Acupressure for horses

It is important to note that individuals who would incorporate acupressure into your horse’s health routine should take a hands on course before starting. The following is a basic idea and does not include the five element chart. Take note that the meridian channels correspond to all animals including humans.

Though it is said to be healthy as a horse it is a fallacy. Horses are delicate animals and it takes a lot of care to maintain them. It would be good to incorporate acupressure in a weekly routine to help keep your horse’s energy in balance.

Before starting a session do not rush into a horse’s stall. Slowly open the gate and stand in the entrance for a few seconds. Visualize your intention. It is much like a visitor knocking at your door. You would not like it if a person would barge in without knocking.

Look away from your horse as you approach. Looking directly into a horses eye means to move away from you. When you do look at your horse, blink slowly and deliberately this a sign of friendship. As you get to your animal breath from your nose into your horse’s nostril this tells about you. Then give your horse a good grooming.

Now that you have said hello, it is time to start the acupressure session. Remember that horses cannot see directly in front or behind so stay to the side and put your hands palms down on the jowl. Gently move your hands across the entire head, neck, body, legs and tail. Repeat this on both sides three times. This opens the meridian channels.

The next step is to find the meridian points that need to be either sedated or tonified. As you move your hands along the spine look for areas called meridian points that are either soft to be tonified or hard to be sedated. As you find a point mark it with a paper dot. Do this from the withers to the dock of the tail and repeat it on the other side of the spine.

Once this is done, you have identified the meridian channels that need to be cleared. Using the meridian chart, follow the channels using either the thumb or the first and second fingers crossed. To relax a hard point, move in a clockwise circle to tonify move in a counter-clockwise circle.

Once you have finished both sides of the horse, repeat the opening routine. It is not unusual for your horse to dose off during these sessions.

Milwaukee area horse owners who would like more information on acupressure contact Ace Acupressure or go online to Tallgrass.

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