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Acupressure for dogs

Acupressure for dogs is relaxing for both humans and their dogs. It is a stress free, non-intrusive healing method that has been keeping humans healthy for millennia. It has been adapted and now used on animals as well.

Before starting to use acupressure it is advisable to take a hands on course to learn the basics and understand the principles of the meridian channels and the five element chart. There are procedures unique to acupressure, and unlike acupuncture, uses only the hands and the inner Energy.

The hand has three types of energy, positive, negative and neutral. The palms and thumbs are neutral, the first and third fingers are positive and the second and fourth fingers are negative. It is advised to use your thumb when applying pressure to the meridian points. If you find using your fingers are easier for you then use the first and second fingers crossed.

Once you have taken a course you can begin a weekly acupressure routine with your dog. The first step is to be in a relaxed environment, no radio, no television just a calm place in the home. Then give your dog a good grooming. This will relax both you and your pet.

Start the acupressure session by gently moving your hands palms down from the muzzle the tip of the tail and down the legs. Repeat this three times. This opens the meridian channels much as you would knock on someone’s door when going for a visit.

The next is the diagnostic procedure. From the withers, using the thumb or fingers, gently press along one side of the spine to find any soft or spongy spots that need to be tonified or if a meridian point is hard or bumpy it needs to be sedated. Mark these spots with a washable marker these are the meridians channels that will need to be put in balance. Repeat this procedure on the other side of the spine.

To clear the meridian channels start from the first, marked point closed to the withers. Using the meridian chart, follow the channel points and check each point. Take a deep breath at each point and as you exhale press down on the point. If a point is hard and bumpy it needs to be sedated by using a clockwise circular motion. If the point is soft and mushy it needs to be tonified by using a counter-clockwise circular motion.

Once you have put all of the channels in balance, close the meridians with the stroking procedure you did when opening them.

Milwaukee dog owners can find more information on acupressure at Ace Acupressure or go online at Tallgrass.

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