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Acupressure for cats

As anyone who has been around cats knows that they own the human and not the reverse. So acupressure for cats must be approached in an entirely different manner than with a dog. It is a wonderful healing method not only to cure problems but to maintain health. It not only relaxes the feline but is a stress free procedure with no intrusion.

It is advisable to take a hands on acupressure seminar before you try this on your cat. They offer seminars in Milwaukee for human application so you will have to adapt the procedure for your pet. The principle is the same for any mammal so it would help to do a little research on comparative anatomy.

Once you have completed the acupressure seminar, you are ready to start a weekly schedule with your cat. It is important that the cat comes to you and you do not pick up the cat so call your feline to you and do something that makes the cat comfortable. Some cats like to have their ears rubbed and some just like the dock of their tail scratched. Do this for about one quarter of a minute just to let your cat know this is going to be a relaxing experience.

Then palms down gently pass your hands from the muzzle to the tip of the tail and down the legs. Repeat this three times. This opens the meridian channels.

With your thumb or you first and second fingers crossed, gently press down along the one side of the spine from the withers to the dock of the tail marking hard points which will need to be relaxed or sedated or soft points which will need to be stimulated or tonified with a washable marker. This is the diagnostic procedure to determine the meridian channels that need to be put in balance.

Using the meridian chart follow the channel points sedating by pressing down in a clockwise circular motion or tonifying by pressing down in a counter-clockwise motion. It is unlike massage which uses the “righty tighty, lefty loosy” principle.

Once you have completed the acupressure then close the meridian channels as you did when you opened them.

This will not only benefit your cat but will keep you healthy as well.

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