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Acupressure basics for pets

Acupressure is an ancient method of healing and keeping mammals in good health. It begins with a stress free environment and uses the energy channels of the body known as meridians to help the body heal itself. It is excellent for keeping pets in good health.

For those first starting it is advisable to take hands on instruction from those individuals who understand the method and how to work with energy healing. Until you are familiar with the meridian points you will have to work with meridian charts. Charts for dogs and horses are available online. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with comparative anatomy so you can adapt the charts for various mammals.

You will be using your hands. The energy in your hands is positive, negative and neutral. The thumbs and palms are neutral. The first and third fingers are positive. The second and forth fingers are negative. So it is preferable to use a neutral energy when doing any energy healing. Therefore, use the entire hand as you will do in the initial diagnosis and either the thumb or the first and second fingers crossed to use together for implementation. This is standard for any energy healing.

There will be two main procedures one to relax a hard, bumpy meridian point and one to stimulate a point that is low in energy or a soft, indented meridian. This implementation is confusing and the opposite of massage therapy, which uses the “righty tighty, lefty loosy” principle. In acupressure to stimulate or tonify uses a counter-clockwise, circular pressure. To relax a point or sedate, use counter-clockwise, circular pressure. This explanation substantiates the reasoning for taking a hands on session before using acupressure on your pet.

After you have introduced yourself to the animal and opened the meridians gently place your hands palms down on the back at the withers and slowly move along the spine first on one side of the spine and then the other side. When you feel a bump, no matter how minute, or a softness or indentation mark it with a paper sticky dot. Continue down the spine marking hard or soft points to the dock of the tail. When done with this procedure you will have marked the meridians that need to be either stimulated or relaxed. Using the meridian chart follow the points stimulating or relaxing as you proceed to the toes.

Milwaukee pet owners can find help at Ace Acupressure. Using the principles for human application you can adapt them to apply to your pet.

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