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People sign up for Obamacare, but hardly anyone pays

The sheep to the slaughter of Obamacare have not paid up
The sheep to the slaughter of Obamacare have not paid up
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Through all the bravado from the White House about “3 million new Obamacare enrollees” comes today's shocking news that will set the administration on its heels.

Only half of the people “enrolled” presently have paid one dime in the premiums.

What makes the news even more ominous is the March 31 deadline to enroll without penalty. The numbers have been dropping significantly the past six weeks on actual paid enrollees, according to Investor’s Daily Journal.

What can be done?

A good example of the obvious failure of the health care law is the State of Washington where 340,000 sign-ups was the goal by the end of March.

Not even 170,000 have signed up as of mid-February.

Worse than this example is the entire paid sign-ups nationwide. The Affordable Care Act has been able to drum up only 88,071 who have actually paid their premium by last February 1. That is less than 25 percent of what the White House expected.

In Wisconsin, Nevada, Oregon, Minnesota the numbers are so bad that the officials charged with securing the sign-ups are receiving White House pep talks instead of the changes necessary to make their jobs easier.

Oregon – Not even 10 percent of anticipated sign-ups.

Wisconsin – Only half of the 40,752 state residents that signed up for health insurance through December 31 have paid their premiums and currently are receiving their coverage, according to the ABC TV station WXOW19.

Nevada – Hoped for 115,000 sign-ups by March 31 but far short presently at 14,999 having actually paid the premiums.

Minnesota - Conservative Intelligence Briefing reports only 27,775 households had received private coverage from the MNsure exchange as of mid-January. 14,500 have paid or have payments pending. says data from New York, Colorado, Maryland and Kentucky also shows that the Obamacare sign-ups have”slowed significantly” in the second half of the month.

It’s no secret that the Affordable Care Act cannot work without a significant number of younger people signing up. Without the young, the insurance pool dries up quickly.

The White House estimate of 7 million paid Obamacare sign-ups is not worth the paper it was written on.

Now what Mr. President? The law has had 29 changes made in it since becoming Constitutional law.

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