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Actress Tiffany Yancey ponders whether to "Love Him Or Leave Him"

Actress Tiffany Yancey in "Love Him or Leave Him"
Actress Tiffany Yancey in "Love Him or Leave Him"
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In the dating world, the question is often asked by young women, should I "Love Him, Or Leave Him?" That's the title of a new film written by and starring actress Tiffany Yancey, and directed by director Tim Fontaine. Watch the funny-bone-breaking trailer here:

"Love Him or Leave Him" is a funny Rom Com
All photos subject to copyright.

"Love Him Or Leave Him" is...

... a rom-com Produced and Directed by Tim Fontaine written by and starring Tiffany Yancey, co- starring Neil Carr and Carlo cambpell and introducing Lyina Love.

The story is about Camille Stern- a smart, attractive, ambitious, talented, entrepreneur navigating through the dating world looking for Mr. Perfect. She's been through the typical ups and downs of previous relationships and vowed to abstain from sex to focus on her career goals. But there’s just one setback. When it comes to the craving for sexual variety, Camille has an insatiable desire for sex. And then she meets Kyle Barnes, the complete package - confident, ambitious, sexy, passionate, what more can you ask for! We’re inclined to believe that becoming “close” to someone quickly is a good sign, or is it?

They take their time getting to know each other before becoming physical but when they do, Camille gets herself into a terrible predicament.Will his sexual appetite measure up— because every man puts it down every single time, right? After an epiphany, Camille realized that having Kyle in her life now is worth the possibility of future heartache. Should she “Love Him or Leave Him?” Theaters this October

Yancey stopped by DC Actors Examiner to talk about her new film.

Q - What inspired me to write "Love Him Or Leave Him"?

It was actually a combination of past dating experiences as well as stories that I've heard from friends over the years. I was in the process of writing some scenes for my acting reel when I told Tim (the director ) about an idea for a funny movie. He told me to write it abd he'll shoot it. That's when I went for it.

I wanted to create a project that spoke from a women's perspective. Women talk about men just like men talk about us. I wanted to put a comical spin on everyday dating situations that aren't normally discussed. I've been acting for 10 years and decided it was time for my voice to be heard. Not enough stories are told from a black women's perspective and I decided to step up to the plate and make it happen.

Q - Who are your lead actors and what do you look for in actors.

My lead actors are the talented Neil Carr who plays "Kyle". We worked together in the indie film "Split Second" Lynia Love plays "Stephanie" my bestie/ride or die chick. Carlo Campbell plays "Brian the Boy Toy". What I look for in actors is dedication to their craft and hard work. There was an undeniable chemistry with all my cast mates. They understood their characters and weren't afraid to go above and beyond. They all were great.

At the end of the day I'm still learning and growing as an actress. I will never stop learning. If I can learn from someone else, that makes the connection even more worthwhile. The vibe and energy has to be positive. No egos. Let's just get to work , have fun and create some memorable stuff. I couldn't be happier with everyone who participated in this project.

Q - Are you Method?

Yes I consider myself a Method actor. Tapping into the character emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually is the only way I know how to be true and believable. Living in the moment.

Q - Do you find yourself staying in character after a scene is over?

I do find myself staying in character after a scene if we are still shooting that day. Once I'm in a zone, I stay there for the duration if necessary especially if it's a dramatic or emotional scene. I'll separate myself from others to stay focused. Once we're wrapped...I leave all that behind.

Q - What makes an entertaining Black Rom Com?

In my opinion, I think what makes an entertaining Black Rom Com is making it relatable to our experiences. If people can relate to the material in some way and connect to it they will be entertained. Pushing the envelope by saying and doing things people are thinking but are afraid to say out loud is what I believe works overall.

We are all on this planet looking for love in some form or fashion. If you can point out the funny/crazy things we do for it then people will be entertained. That goes for a black or white Rom Com.

Q - Why don't we see more Black Rom Coms?

I'm not really sure why we don't see more Black Rom Coms. Nine times out of 10, it's about getting people out to the theaters. If Hollywood doesn't feel it will make dollars then they won't get made. I think with the right story and the right actors black people will come out to see them. There is power in numbers.

If we support our films at the box office then more will be made. My goal is to create a plethora of quality work that people will want to see.

Q - What is your next project

I'm currently in the beginning stages of producing/starring in a pilot for a dramatic web series with author Tyeisha Downer. I'll also be teaming up again with director Tim Fontaine on another Rom Com very soon.

Q - What advice would you give writer\directors

My advice is get out there and make it happen. We all have ideas and visions but what separates us are the ones who are not afraid to take a risk and bring their ideas to life. We all have a story to tell or talent but hard work and dedication beats talent any day of the week.

Connect with people who are on the same path. Speak your dreams into existence. Be positive and positive things will come back to you and most importantly have Faith and believe in yourself.

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