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Actress Reagan Gomez launches Indiegogo campaign for new sci-fi webseries

Film and television actress Reagan Gomez isn’t waiting by the phone for her agent to call about her next Hollywood gig that’s because the former child star is creating roles for herself, other established actors and aspiring artists. The “Dysfunctional Friends” and “The Parent ‘Hood” actress who now writes, produces and directs her own content for her Youtube channel announced on Tuesday a crowdfunding campaign to raise $8,500 for her new sci-fi webseries “Surviving the Dead”.

Actress Reagan Gomez announces new sci-fi webseries
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Fans and supporters can donate as little as $5 up to $2,500 to the star’s 45-day Indiegogo campaign which went live yesterday. The perks include a copy of the script, a chat session with the star via Skype or an executive producer’s credit. In her pitch video for the new project, the veteran actress spoke about the importance of artists taking their careers into their own hands.

“I’ve been in the business for a very long time and I know how difficult it is to come by quality roles for people of color, particularly for black women. There aren’t a lot of roles for us unfortunately but instead of complaining, we are trying to do something about it. We’re trying to create our own opporunities over here at RGP Productions. We want to be the change we want to see.“

“Surviving the Dead” will follow a nurse and her young sister as they flee the government and look for their missing scientist father after a deadly virus outbreak. Gomez says she will cast the series in Los Angeles. She says tackling a new genre was a way to show that black artists and their audiences also have diverse tastes in entertainment.

“You can’t put black people and black content into a box, we can do it all. We love all kinds of entertanment and genres and we just need to be given a chance.“

The season 2 finale for Gomez' current webseries “Almost Home” aired on Tuesday. The “Love That Girl” star was able to fund that show via crowdfunding as well. It stars Gomez and her real life brother-n-law as siblings who venture out to California to start new lives after the death of their mother.

You can follow Reagan Gomez at her Twitter page and check out her crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

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