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Actress Maria Bello discusses her 'Modern Family' in The New York Times

She was in the horrifically violent film "History of Violence" and heated up "The Cooler." She survived "World Trade Center," "Assault on Precinct 13" and "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor." And, she survived two Adam Sandler comedies—"Grown Ups" and "Grown Ups 2."

Maria Bello comes out as bisexual
Maria Bello comes out as bisexual
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Maria Bello talks about her 'Modern Family'
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Blonde and beautiful Maria Bello even survived a serious illness in her personal life, but when her 12-year-old son Jackson asked her about personal things, she felt like the only way to deal with it was to write about it herself in The NewYork Times.

In the piece, titled "Coming Out as a Modern Family," she doesn't use the word "bisexual," but she does talk about the men she fell in love with and the woman she is now in love with, and how she talked about it with her son and her parents.

Read the piece in The New York Times by clicking here.

She only mentions the woman as Clare, but it is Clare Munn, chairman of the new media company The Communication Group.

In the piece, she said she was captivated by this woman who was "wearing a fedora and speaking in her Zimbabwean accent. We had an immediate connection but didn't think of it as romantic or sexual. She was one of the most beautiful, charming, brilliant and funny people I had ever met, but it didn't occur to me, until that soul-searching moment in my garden, that we could perhaps choose to love each other romantically . . . She is the person I like being with the most, the one with whom I am most myself."

She explains that she now has two partner: Clare and father of her son, Dan McDermott, a TV executive who lives not far away from her in Venice, Calif.

"Jack, Clare, Dan and I" have dinner together "almost every night. ... Mostly the four of us laugh a lot together."

When she talks about revealing the situation to her parents before writing the article, she says:

My father’s response came between puffs of his cigar while we sat on the roof of a casino in Atlantic City. “She’s a good girl, good for you,” he said. My mother and family echoed his sentiments. Maybe they weren’t so traditional after all.

Bello, 46, is now filming "McFarland" with Kevin Costner and has a horror movie "Demonic" and drama "Strings" coming out in the next year. Meanwhile, she's happy about her recent revelation.

"I love our modern family," she adds.

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