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Actress Maitely Weismann dishes about 'Masters of Sex', 'Sam & Cat' and more

Actress Maitely Weismann
Actress Maitely Weismann
Masters of Sex, Sam & Cat, Chasing Taste

Actress Maitely Weismann isn’t afraid to take-on sex, tweens and food with her latest TV and film roles.

Maitely hits the small screen in the all-new season of Showtime’s hottest series “Masters of Sex,” beginning in the fourth episode. She can also be seen in what will be one of the last episodes of the tween favorite “Sam & Cat.” And, she hits the big screen putting her nose to work in the indie rom-com “Chasing Taste,” which she also produces.

Fans will recognize Maitely from her role in HBO’s period-drama “Mildred Pierce,” and online web shows “Mother’s Eve Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood,” “Parker & Maggie,” and “Downsized.” She also gave a haunting voice to the role of Ali Kemp on Identification Discovery's “Stolen Voices.”

We recently caught up with Maitely Weismann to find out about her upcoming projects and more.

Tell us about your role in the second season of Showtime’s mega-hit “Masters of Sex.”
MAITELY: I'm playing an oncology nurse named Mariel who endearingly steals food from patients and makes fun of them for being so skinny, in the nicest possible way of course. Lizzy Kaplan's character offers her a solution to all of her problems which appears to be quite successful in a later episode. I keep my clothes on in each of the episodes but I did drop ten pounds for the last one.

Any interesting stories behind the scenes…and did you blush from all the sex talk on-set?
MAITELY: Surprisingly, there's very little sex talk on set! I couldn't keep my mind clean of it, but everyone else was as professional as can be. In fact, it felt so safe & homey there that it was so hard to leave at the end of the day. I really got a sense that everyone on this set was family. Better yet, I felt included in the family each day.

Michael Sheen was friendly and open in the makeup trailer each day. Lizzy went out of her way to show guest actors, especially those with just one line, that she appreciated their work that day. Producers, writers, camera operators, you name it, introduced themselves and often had something positive & warm to say. The directors were so giving. Being a part of that consistent kind of collaboration makes for a special experience.

What was it like taking a step back into the 1950’s? Did you get a crazy hairstyle to go with the time period?
MAITELY: This is probably my favorite era for the clothes, the hair, the makeup. The stylists and makeup artists are incredible on this show. They made me look amazing. My hair was rolled and curled to perfection, with a cute short pin-curl look and my lips were effortlessly painted into a perfect cupid's bow. I could never replicate this look on my own at home.

You’ll also be appearing in an episode of “Sam & Cat”. What can you share with us about that role?
MAITELY: I'm in episode 36 when Cat goes with Dice to a hair modeling event. I play the stage mother to his most fierce competitor. It's actually very funny and I can't wait to see what they keep in the episode. At one point the director gave me an added opportunity to improv a big vocal reaction to a pivotal moment in the episode. After he called cut, booming laughter erupted from the rest of the cast, the crew and everyone all the way back in video village. I hope that improv makes the cut. We shall see!

With so much controversy surrounding this show…did you feel any of the tension on the set?
MAITELY: It's hard to say. I mainly worked with Ariana and Cameron's characters so I didn't get a big picture view of the politics on this show. Also, as a guest on set for only about a week, there's little opportunity to get too invested in the subtle cues that can be so hard to read on professionals. On a multi-cam, we're constantly on our feet with very little downtime so there's a lot of focus on getting the rehearsals in and the scene shot so we can move on to the next rehearsal, the next scene. The crew was incredibly efficient and graceful. The director, Russ Reinsel, seemed to practice gratitude abundantly. Their combined commitment to running a smooth set overcame all obstacles.

And, you’re also starring in the indie rom-com “Chasing Taste.” Tell us about this film and your role.
MAITELY: I'm so proud of this film. It's a family friendly romantic comedy about a failed novelist who gets hired as a food critic only to lose his senses of taste & smell in a freak accident shortly after reaching acclaim and meeting the girl of his dreams. To stay on the top of his dreams and to keep the girl, he works with a pair of super smellers & tasters to fake his food reviews until it all comes crashing down on him in the worst and wackiest way possible. I play his tightly wound & often disgruntled sister, AKA the super "smeller." We have lots of fun in this film. It's set in New York and the food porn is glorious. Oh, and I'm one of the 3 producers on the film too.

Since you’re also a producer on the project, what was the biggest challenge along the way? What was the biggest surprise?
MAITELY: Well, we made this film on a shoestring so the biggest challenge was pulling together many of the resources for free or close to free. A few of the scenes are set in a hospital. Thank goodness a friend of mine had access to a small private surgical center in Queens that we could borrow for a day. It was a very long day. Also, most of the apartment scenes were shot in my own apartment. We basically took over my home for a couple months. My husband wasn't too happy about that. Lack of sleep was another challenge. Everyone was working for no upfront compensation, or close to nothing, so we were working regular jobs and then spending 10 hours on set. It was ambitious! I personally was also running the craft services, so my non-set hours were spent prepping and planning food for the next day's meals in addition to the many producer duties I split with my fellow producers. The biggest surprise? I don't think I realized it would take 4 years to finish, and that I'd get to know so many wonderful, unique and supportive people along the way. Every single person credited on this film contributed their blood, sweat and tears to the process. That's a pretty awesome thing to look back on. I hope that we'll be a huge success so we can honor our Chasing Taste family in a big way.

Got anything else in the works?
MAITELY: Oh yes! I'm a glutton for punishment. I never stop. I have two projects in my lap right now. The first of which is a comedic indie TV pilot called WEIGHT about a woman who comes home from a weight loss reality show a changed woman, nearly 300 pounds lighter than her former self. Her family, friends, neighbors and coworkers react oddly to her new image. Two-time Emmy Award winning Martha Byrne is our leading lady. I play the woman who runs the weight loss reality show, and I'm also a producer on the project. It's a series created by WGA award nominee Daryn Strauss, directed by veteran executive producer & director Frederick King Keller and also produced by Emmy Award winning producer Anne Clements. The 2nd bit of news is that I just signed on to head the production division for a bi-coastal talent management company, Aspire Talent Management. I'm so excited about this collaboration and the incredible talent they have on tap already. I feel like it'll bring all of my professional multi-hyphenate endeavors together under one roof. I do like to consolidate where I can.

And lastly, how can your fans keep up with your busy career?
MAITELY: I'm totally addicted to Facebook and Twitter. and @Maitely
I try to keep my website pretty up to date also -
And I have a newsletter form on the site for any really big news.
I'd love to connect and converse!

Thanks, Maitely…and as long as you don’t stop, we’ll keep watching!

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