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Actress Lauren Bacall dies at 89

As we remember Lauren Bacall
Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images

She had brains, beauty and a whole lot of talent. Actress Lauren Bacall passed away today, August 12, 2014 at 89 according to The Los Angeles Times. Her death was confirmed by Robbert de Klerk who is the co-managing director of the Humphrey Bogart Estate along with Bacall's son Stephen Bogart.

Lauren Bacall started off her career as a model. She was a classic beauty and she almost always wore tailored clothing which made her beauty shine through even more.. In that way she was a bit like Katharine Hepburn. She had such an amazing presence that it earned her the nickname 'The Look' because of her piercing and sultry gaze. She would become part of one of Hollywood's most popular and recognized couples when she married actor Humphrey Bogart. Bacall starred in her very first film ever playing opposite to Bogart in "To Have And Have Not." The pair married in 1945 and stayed together until Bogart's death 12 years later.

Lauren starred in 40 films including 'Key Largo' and 'The Mirror Has Two Faces.' She also penned her own story "Lauren Bacall: By Myself." She was the recipient of many awards but she did not get an Oscar for "The Mirror Has Two Faces" which she was expected to win. In typical Bacall fashion she said it did not matter in so many words. If you watched that evening she looked crushed. My jaw dropped when they announced the winner and it was not Betty.

She will be remembered for being a classy and elegant lady coupled with an amazing screen presence and huge talent. Thank you Lauren Bacall for so many memorable Hollywood moments.

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