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Actress Kelsey Scott talks style, ARIDO gem award, and more

Last week, ARIDO, the luxury jewelry brand to the stars, presented actress Kelsey Scott with the Gem Award - honoring her for her contribution to the Television & Film industry - at the Mondrian Soho, New York. Examiner had the opportunity to speak with Kelsey about her style, highlights of her years in the Hollywood scene, and more...

Wardrobe for the reception: Bespoke ARIDO Blazer; Shoes by Unites NudeCouture; Dress by BAP Fashions and Designs ; Jewelry by ARIDO; Styling by Arid Chappell
Photo by Anna Webber

I: Marie Flounoy

KS: Kelsey Scott


I: How does it feel to be recognized for your contribution in Film/TV?

KS: Humbling. I've been in the business for a long time. So besides just being very fortunate and grateful to have someone honor my contributions, it's also validating - because it's a marathon-type career. For someone to say "we appreciate what you've done and what you're doing"... it feels good.

I: Throughout your journey in Film/TV, what happens to be your most memorable moment?

KS: Wow. *laughs* That's a lot of experiences to try and choose one. I think the most obvious is what's been happening with "12 Years A Slave". I can't say there's a singular moment because the entire experience has been life changing. It is unique and special.

You never come into a project thinking, "Oh, this is going to be an Oscar winner." You just go into it because you connect with it in some sort of way. This story is phenomenal. And Steve McQueen is an absolute visionary. So I came into it because I was moved by the story, appreciated and admired Steve's work, and wanted to be part of any project that he was filming.

I'm without words to describe what the process has been - from the audition to standing on the Oscar stage. It's all in soft focus, though. I don't remember much from being on the stage. *laughs* I know I was there, I looked out, and there were people. But I have to go back into the recesses of my mind and get all the details. But it's a very pleasant blur.

I: The award you received is the Gem Award , given by ARIDO Jewelry. What is your favorite type of jewelry?

KS: I love earrings. I'm an earrings girl. I feel a little naked without them. It does something to complete a look. A couple of times in my life, I've left home and forgot to put on earrings and I totally went into shock. *laughs* So, yes, earrings... all day, everyday.

I: How would you define your style?

KS: Emotive. Because when I get up in the morning, I kind of decide who I want to be that day. Sometimes an afro-puff and bell bottoms and it's sometimes skinny jeans and boots. I let the day, the morning, my mood, dictate who that 'character' will be. It seems a bit mercurial. But it has to be faithful to 'who' I'm feeling.

I: What projects are you currently working on?

KS: I just finished a film with Lily Tomlin and Marcia Gay Harden. I believe that's a 2015 release. I'm not sure yet.

I recently produced a short film. We just got into our first festival, which is HollyShorts. I hope it's the first of many. I worked with some amazing women in the industry - people who've been on the trek for a long time. So it was nice to be part of the producing team.

I'm also a screenwriter and one of my screenplays is in development right now. We're hoping to do something significant with it by the end of the year.

And I'm up for a couple of parts that I feel strongly about. I'm trying to keep the momentum going, because this is what I do. This is what I do because this is who I am. I think if you're able to connect with who you are, and you're able to make that a part of your life in a very real and substance way... I think they call that happiness.

I: And you can't think of doing anything else besides it?

KS: We're all capable of doing anything. I'm capable of a number of careers - but it's about what you really want. What do you want to the point you're willing to sacrifice for it? You'll stay in the game, you'll take the marathon approach... And all of that is a life decision.

I: Anything you're working on outside the arena of TV/Film?

KS: I'm actually working on my life. I'm trying to breathe all the air that's available - it's so easy to get complacent, to get comfortable, and start decorating that box that people put you in. But there's a lot of world out there. I'm making an effort to find that world and to allow it to change me and help me to evolve as a person. You can't have anything to contribute, if you just stick with what you've got, do what you've always done, get what you've always gotten. I'm very grateful for what I've gotten lately and I want that to grow and to evolve. So, I'm working on new air.

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