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Actress helps facilitate rescue of dog who was destined to be 'meat'

Bomi, a Jindo mix dog who once called South Korea "home" is lucky to be alive today, reported Friday's Huffington Post.

Bomi's old life of misery
The Fuzzy Pet Foundation

If not for the help of rescue agencies, and one compassionate actress, the severely neglected dog would have wound up on someone's plate - her destiny in South Korea was to be a dog slaughtered for food.

Today, the dog who once lived a life of suffering and misery is healthy, happy and free.

Bomi was first helped by CARE, a South Korean rescue agency. CARE reached out to The Fuzzy Pet Foundation, a non-profit rescue agency in southern California, and soon thereafter magic began to take place.

Actress Alyssa Milano learned that funds were needed to help bring Bomi to the United States and she stepped up to cover the costs necessary to make the life-saving trip happen.

In mid-November, thanks to Milano's help, the beleaguered dog embarked on her flight to California; today, the dog whose body once screamed of pain and misery, is the picture of health and happiness.

The transformation is nothing less than amazing; the dog who once lived in dirt, chained to a pole which would not allow her to even reach the dog house, is healthy, beautiful and best of all - alive.

Learn more about The Fuzzy Pet Foundation here.

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