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Actress Eva LaRue explains perks of Paleo low carb diet: How you can benefit

Find out about Actress Eva LaRue's diet.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Soap opera fans know Eva Maria LaRue as the skilled physician Dr. Maria Santos on "All My Children," while suspense TV lovers admire her in "CSI: Miami" in the role of a detective. What's the secret of staying fit and fabulous at 47? She's a Paleo low carb diet proponent.

In a testimonial for Paleo guru Robb Wolff's web site, Eva wrote:

I am a firm believer in The Paleo Solution. I maintain a hectic schedule that starts early and finishes late. Filming a television series, maintaining my fitness, and being a mom can be harrowing some days. Since adopting a Paleo way of eating I look and feel better, and I know that I am setting a good example for my daughter.

Robb has authored and contributed to several books, which you can read about here. In an exclusive interview, he emphasized the benefits of building a diet "around fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts and seeds. My research associates have published papers demonstrating not only that a Paleo diet provides all the nutrients for health, but that the Paleo diet is, calorie for calorie, the most nutritious way one can eat."

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Eva admitted that it's not easy getting her daughter to follow in her Paleo food footsteps.

“It’s a constant struggle to get my daughter to eat anything but burgers and chicken fingers!" Eva laughed. "But she does like broccoli and carrots so we try to get her to eat them often. As a mother, it’s important to me that my daughter develops a healthy relationship with food."

So how can you make the Paleo diet work for you for health and weight loss? In an exclusive interview, Loren Cordain, Paleo diet guru, offered these tips:

  • When you choose your meals, focus on "consuming contemporary food groups (fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, grass produced meats and poultry, and nuts) that mimic the food groups consumed by our hunter gatherer ancestors for more than 2.5 million years."
  • Be smart about choosing carbohydrates. "GENES trials published in the New England Journal of Medicine and Pediatrics showed that high protein, low glycemic load diets are the most effective diets in keeping weight off after weight loss in adults and preventing fat gain in children. These are the same diets whose nutritional characteristics emulate those of our hunter gatherer ancestors."

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