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Actress Emma Stone tells David Letterman that her grandfather haunts her family

An actress appeared on a late night talk show to promote her new film last night and during the interview segment, she informed the host that her grandfather haunts her family. Jezebel posted the interview on their website on Wednesday.

Emma Stone tells David Letterman that her grandfather haunts her family with quarters
Photo courtesy of CBS

Emma Stone was interviewed on the "Late Show" about her new film "Magic in the Moonlight" with David Letterman on Wednesday. In one segment of the show, Letterman asked Stone if she ever had a paranormal experience.

The Arizona-born actress claims that her grandfather has always haunted her and her family. According to Stone, quarters mysteriously appear around her house and the ghost of her granddad is responsible for it.

"Have you had an inexplicable situation that you think was metaphysical?" David Letterman asked Emma Stone.

"I've had a few. Things materializing and there's a long family history with quarters, my grandfather leaves quarters, it's just amazing, it's him, it's absolutely him," Stone said.

"This is your late grandfather and you find a quarter and you think that's from granddad. What makes you think it is from granddad?" the skeptical host asked.

"It's such a long story that you would have to go to a commercial, five times, and roll to a clip, and then come back and I would still be telling the story," the actress joked.

"I would be more fascinated if it have ever been proven scientifically. But it has never been established scientifically," Letterman said.

"But that's the joy of it, it's not a logical thing, it is magical. It's like ectoplasm," Stone said.

Letterman asked Stone what ectoplasm was and the actress explained that it was "a milky substance" that indicates when a spirit has been present. The audience applauded with laughter and Stone scolded them for being perverted.

Stone appears in the new Woody Allen film "Magic in the Moonlight" as Sophie, a psychic that is believed to be fraudulent. Colin Firth plays Stanley, a stage magician that is trying to expose Sophie. The film opens in theaters on July 25, 2014.

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