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Actress Bel Delia fights for love in torture film 'Love of My Life'

Actress Bel Delia
Love of My Life, The Tunnel

Aussie actress Bel Deliá returns to the scary stuff starring in the new indie horror-meets-love story “Love of My Life,” which just released VOD this week.

If you’re a fan of horror, then you’ll definitely remember Bel from the docu-style viral horror hit “The Tunnel,” set in the underground network of abandoned railway tunnels in Australia.

We recently caught up with Bel Deliá to talk about “Love of My Life” and more.

Tell us about your starring role in the new horror film “Love of My Life”.

BEL: I play a woman whose love is put to the test under extreme and psychologically disturbing circumstances.

I got to play in this unhinged world with veteran Australian actor Peter O'Brien (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and opposite Diarmid Heidenreich (Underbelly).

Was there something specific that drew you to this project?

BEL: The chance to prepare for a character who had a history in MMA was very appealing.

I loved the discipline I was taught from the Muay Thai Trainers, it's such an honorable quality that seems common amongst fighters.

Any scary secrets from the film you can share with us?

BEL: We shot a large portion of the film in an abandoned hospital in outback country Orange NSW. You couldn't help but wander off at times and explore a dark empty corridor. There were stories amongst the crew of unexpected sounds and sightings at night.

Were you looking to head back to the horror genre or did it just happen?

BEL: In a way it happened naturally and I certainly didn't fight it. From 'The Tunnel' I was cast in 'Love of My Life'. My experience with Horror genre fans and filmmakers is that they are a very passionate and supportive group, so there is that! In addition, I love exploring darker and peculiar topics; I find it fascinating and very revealing about the human character.

You also star in the sci-fi dramatic short “Distance”; what can you tell us about this project?

BEL: I joined this project fairly quickly upon moving to LA. I was thrilled to be a part of it not only as it's another of my favorite genres but I also had the opportunity to work with Geoffrey Arend and the cutest little Aubrey Anderson-Emmons from Modern Family, who I both had been a fan of from back home.

'Distance' is a Futuristic Drama where severe pollution has caused the government to restrict transportation by rationing travel miles, affecting a father's plans to reconcile with his daughter. Valentino del Toro, my husband in real life plays the lead role of the father.

Any other projects in the works?

BEL: I have a background as a producer and have begun developing a few projects including two of which I'll be teaming up with The BAPartist (Cezil Reed and Lydelle Jackson). The BAPartist's took their Art-House Horror film 'The Taking' in competition to the prestigious Sitges Film Festival in Spain last year.

I also have some ongoing personal projects which I'm very passionate about including 'The Bill and Penny Drive' a charity based project I started up to contribute towards the cause of eradicating homelessness.

And lastly, how can your fans keep up with your busy career? OR / @BelDelia

Thanks, Bel! We’ll be rooting for ‘love’…and you!

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