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Actress and Writer Chantelle James

Aussie Actress and Writer Chantelle James
cta 2014

The interesting life of Australian actress and writer Chantelle James

Please introduce yourself to the readers:

My name is Chantelle James. I am an actress/writer born in Sydney, Australia.

How and when did you first get into performing?

When I was around 5-6 years old, my family would always go on vacation to our holiday house down the coast. I would gather up the neighbors kids and teach them choreography, and put on plays and performances for our parents. My mum soon enrolled me in dance and acting classes. It was kind of a no brainer!

Who were some of your biggest inspirations?

Cate Blanchett has always been a big inspiration. She is a strong, smart, savagely talented Aussie woman.

What kind have training have you done?

I spent three great years of my life at drama school at the Actors Centre Australia. At the moment I am taking improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade, Los Angeles. It's very important as an actor to remain inspired.

What has been your favorite role to play so far?

Gosh there's so many favorites! Probably my most recent role as Brigitte in the web series 'Strange LA'. The character was so ridiculous and so much fun to play. Plus comedy is definitely my favorite.

What projects do you have coming up?

The next project I am working on is the second season of 'Strange LA'.

Who would be your ideal co-star and why?

Will Ferrell or Leslie Mann. Both are comedic geniuses.

What are your plans for the future?

In an ideal world I would have a successful production company, producing my own work and other projects that I believe in.

What is your advice to aspiring performers?

Find out what your strength is, what you're good at, and become the best at it!

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