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Actress and Model Andrea Marie kills it on screen and print

There's a princess in the land of DMV talent, and her name is Andrea Marie. From horror films such as Slayground, The Black Woods Footage, and Z*Con to Webseries like The Invited, Andrea is a talent on the rise; and as an accomplished Cosplay model, she's killing it!

Actress and Model Andrea Marie has many different looks!
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Andrea chatted with Yours Truly about her career:

Q - How did you get into acting?
My love for acting, specifically in the horror genre came about when my father introduced me to Abbott and Costello around age six. I got into the classic monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Mummy. As I got older, movies like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Phantasm and Subspecies (just to name a few) peaked my interest - and I've been hooked ever since. When watching these films, I would always think about how a scene could have been better - from how the actor could have portrayed the scene to be a little more believable to just analyzing every aspect, in every direction. At this point I pretty much realized that this was something I wanted to do.

Q - What was your first film project and how did you get cast?
Johnny Johnson at Darkstone entertainment cast me in my first short titled Slayground in 2012. Following that same year I worked on Michael Pine's The Black Woods Footage. Prior to Facebook I had no idea who to contact for any of this, so I just started to network and hoped that something would eventually fall into place. And it did. Perhaps the drive and passion have a little something to do with it, but there are now several projects in the works and the calendar is filling up quickly.

Q - What kind of roles can you see yourself doing?
Although horror is my favorite genre, I also love sci-fi, drama, and a good comedy. I would like to explore more in those arenas. I am also careful of what roles to take so as to avoid type-casting. I welcome any type of challenging roles that would push me to dig deep into character because I think it would be difficult to learn and grow if I am not stepping out of my comfort zone.

Q - How did you get started on Cosplaying and modeling?
Since high school I have always wanted to model. That sort of got put on the back burner after a pretty bad car accident during my junior year, and due to some scarring and limited use of my right arm; I never thought anything would come of it. Years later, when putting some head shots and a portfolio together for acting, I wanted to have something that would also showcase a few different looks and characters. This is when I started working with Brian Maze, who has shot most of the Cosplay work that I have done.

Q - What's next?
I recently finished a day on Michael Dougherty's Z*Con production make up training as an FX model in Dundalk, Maryland, and filming has been slated for June. This coming weekend in Williamsburg, I am shooting the first episode of Jonathan Moody's Web series The Invited. At some point over the summer we will continue to shoot other projects starting with the promo trailer for Dracula's War, the web series Echo Lake and the Sasquatch vs Yeti short. I also have plans to be in Mercersburg, PA working with Thomas Anderson on his very first short titled, One More.

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