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Actress Alicia Minshew talks 'All My Children' and current projects

Alicia Minshew
Alicia Minshew
Peter Hurley (photo used with permission)

It has been two years since “All My Children” went off the air, but there is still a huge fan base from the show. Alicia Minshew played the fan-favorite Kendall Hart Slater after Sarah Michelle Gellar left the show. While this was Minshew's first “break” into the acting world, fans would have never guessed she wasn't a seasoned actress. Ms. Minshew was gracious enough to grant the Chicago Examiner an interview to discuss her role as Kendall on “All My Children” and several of her new projects.

Since there are still many “All My Children” fans lurking throughout various social networks, questions about the show are still very much in demand. When asked about her favorite moment when playing Kendall Hart Slater, Alicia Minshew responded; “It is very hard to pick one. Very early on when Kendall was bonding with Erica there was a scene where the two were in front of the fireplace. Erica was re-living her rape and Kendall sat there stroking her hair. It was a great moment for Kendall and Erica, but also for Susan (Lucci) and Alicia. In the later years it was when Zach told Kendall he loved her. It was after Greenlee left Pine Valley and Kendall was devastated.” After that Minshew was asked whether she preferred Kendall with Ryan or Zach, to which she replied; “They were both very different. Ryan (Cameron Mathison) was a lot of my television firsts, including love scene and kiss. Their relationship was like puppy love. Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Kendall were more mature and interesting. Fans loved them together, and it was very special.”

Earlier this year soap fans were introduced to a web soap series called “Beacon Hill.” Alicia Minshew plays Sara Preston, one of the main characters in the series. It is a subscriber-only series, but many fans decided to support their favorite actors and subscribe to Season 1. Minshew plays a lesbian caught in a love triangle between her new love and her true love. When asked what she could spill about Season 2 of the web series, Minshew stated; “When I read the script for Season 2, I was shocked at the end. The cliffhanger will have fans screaming. If you thought the Season 1 ending was shocking, Season 2 is even better. The episodes will also be longer this time around because fans requested them. They wanted more.” While there is no information on when Season 2 will be shot or released, fans are looking forward to the second installment.

News was just released that a new “dramedy” called “Surviving Sam” was picked up for a new streaming network called TVtibi. It is going to be similar to Netflix and Hulu, and can be streamed on several devices. “Surviving Sam” is going to one of the original series for TVtibi. When asked about what she could tell fans about “Surviving Sam,” Alicia Minshew said; “The show is based on a couple who is getting a divorce and drives everyone around them crazy. The judge orders the husband (played by Rob Magnotti) and the wife (played by Alicia Minshew) to live together with their children.”

Alicia Minshew also has done her share of independent films. “Desires of The Heart” gave her a lead role. In this movie Minshew plays Madeline, an artist living in Savannah, Georgia. When asked about what she could share about this movie, Minshew happily replied; “The movie is a mystical love story. Val Lauren plays the lead role, an Indian man being forced into a traditional arranged marriage.Madeline is someone he meets who changes his life. They begin a love story. This role was different from Kendall, and it was my first role after leaving “All My Children.” The film is currently touring various film festivals and was most recently viewed at Cannes.

It is apparent Alicia Minshew loves her fans. She can be seen on Twitter interacting with them. Her website offers fans the option to subscribe, where they will be able to get notifications when anything new is posted and keep up to date on her various appearances and endeavors. When asked about something she would like to share that fans may not know, Minshew playfully responded; “I am a homebody. I am a social person if I am out, but I like being able to get comfy and being home with my husband and daughter. I have always been this way, even though many think I enjoy the party life.”

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