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Actress Aeriel Miranda returns to ABC Family's 'Pretty Little Liars'

Actress Aeriel Miranda
Pretty Little Liars

For the legions of “Pretty Little Liars” fans out there…it’s the big day! The show returns to ABC Family tonight for what is surely to be an exciting new season of twists, turns and diva drama.

Actress Aeriel Miranda will also be returning to Rosewood tonight, bringing back ‘mystery girl’ Shana Cruz. Fans will recall the last time we saw Shana; she was attempting to deliver money to Ali, but was attacked in her car and fled.

This talent young actress, originally from Dallas, Texas and of Cape Verdean Jewish descent, previously appeared on NBC Discovery Channel's popular show "Endurance," ABC Family's "The Nine Lives of Chloe King” and the CW’s “The Tomorrow People." In addition, Aeriel has appeared in numerous high-profile advertising campaigns with some of the largest companies in the world, including Apple, Nike, Sony, Ford, Old Navy and more.

We recently had a chance to chat with Aeriel Miranda about returning to “Pretty Little Liars” and more.

For those who haven’t seen the show, tell us about your role on “Pretty Little Liars.”

AERIEL: Initially, I was cast on “Pretty Dirty Secrets,” which was the PLL web series they initiated during the hiatus between very significant episodes and was extremely exciting for most PLL fans at the time! My character, Shana, was the only fresh face featured in the webisodes and as with any new character on the show, comes much more drama and mystery, which again was very thrilling for everyone.

Later, I was officially introduced to the TV show midway through season 3 as the “new gal” in town and later to be coined the “mystery girl” of Rosewood. Being the new comer and getting into quite a bit of trouble so early on in a small town that has been suffering the aftermath of the disappearance of a young girl brought MUCH speculation within the community! The answers to the many questions surfacing as to what my reasons and intentions are for being in Rosewood have been unfolding within the last few seasons. Fans have learned more and more that I play an exceptional role in the enigma behind the town’s tragedy as it relates to the late Alison DiLaurentis.

What can PLL fans expect this season?

AERIEL: Many answers! My character plays a big part of this season’s storyline. By the end of it all, fans will definitely have a more in depth understanding of Shana’s relationship with Alison and not to mention Jenna!

PLL has some serious followers. What’s it like being part of such a popular show?

AERIEL: Serious AND Loyal followers! It’s been an absolute experience from the time I joined the web series until now. It’s literally season 5 and I personally feel that I have grown a lot creatively and have been given a special opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people all over the globe that adore the show. PLL is pretty popular in a lot of other countries and to see so many fans express their passion and loyalty to the show is pretty cool and honestly a new experience for myself - I am more than appreciative!

Any fun or juicy stories from the set that you can share with us?

AERIEL: A lot of what happens on set would be sort of pointless to go into because people wouldn’t understand the “inside stuff”, BUT I can say that none of us (the cast) are as serious in person as we seem on TV…that’s for sure! I’ve experienced some fans in public truly afraid of approaching me because they think that I’m my character in everyday life! I find that funny…so if you ever see me - please say Hi!

Do you have anything else coming up that your fans can watch out for?

AERIEL: Always! I’m ACTUALLY on set now working on a new TV Land show “Jennifer Falls,” playing the role of Marissa so check that out - the show is great! I'm constantly working on my own projects as well, such as my YouTube channel that I will begin to feature via my Blog/social media - be on the lookout soon!

And, how can your new fans keep up with your busy career?

AERIEL: I’m becoming more and more of a social media participant so of course I can always be found everywhere from Twitter, to Insta, to Facebook. I’m also initiating a cool Blog soon, but as for now fans can definitely follow my Tumblr - it’s all about InSPiRAtTioN :-)






Thanks, Aeriel…can’t wait for all the drama to begin!

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