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Actors Steve Barnett and Al Quinn announce film updates (Photos)

On Jan. 23, 2014, "Casting" updates were announced by two of the film's cast members. Actor and musician Steve Barnett announced that there are a few changes with the film, and his part is one of them. SAG actor Al Quinn also shared about the film from the perspective of producer.

Steve Barnett
Al Quinn
Al Quinn, Photo: Courtesy

Barnett, who resides in Lehigh Acres, Fla., originally had the role of Percy playing a slightly naive actor who means well but makes mistakes along the way.

Due to some script changes, Barnett's character and his character's name changed too. Is that correct?

"Yes, now I'm Patrick Poindexter the cameraman. I'm not naive, and I get to express some in-depth emotion as well. I'm looking forward to portraying this new character."

"Casting" is a short film, and its goal is to help "educate" those new in the entertainment business. The United Film & Television Artists (UFTA) organization is the film's producer, along with UFTA President Al Quinn.

Al, what do you say about that?

"This film has been in the planning stage for years, and in 2013 it was in the pre-production stage. We will begin shooting on Feb. 8.

One of the film's shooting locations will be at Protocol Models on the Gulf."

Quinn, out of Fort Myers, has been actively involved with this film. He is not only the co-producer but is also the co-director and a cast member.

"I will portray one of the producers in the film. It's a film about shooting another film - one real, one fake.

Our main goal, though, remains the same, to teach about the do's and don'ts of casting."

UFTA, by the way, meets for their monthly meeting of networking, educating and sharing news about all things in the areas of entertainment on the second Monday of each month.

Barnett and Quinn are two of the many active members of UFTA. From the sounds of it, they are also important assets to the film "Casting."

To learn more about these actors, the film and UFTA go to their various website links, and enjoy the above video on "L.A. Films."

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