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Actor Yohan Lee Opens Up About His Work!

Actor Yo Han Lee
Yo Han Lee

PL: Where are you from? When and how did you get into acting?

YHL: I'm from Seoul, South Korea. When I was in elementary school my teacher asked me to read a dialogue with a classmate in front of the other students. I started to read the dialogue and suddenly I felt that I had become that person, I knew right then that I was born to be an actor. I went to Trinity Western University in Canada, where I took several filmmaking and acting classes, and at a young age I began acting and creating my own films.

PL: Can you tell me a little bit about the film and television projects you’ve done?

YHL: I was in the film Runaway Dream where I play the lead role of Mark, a real estate broker who seems to have everything until one day everything is stolen from him. In the film With Love To This Crazy World I play the starring role of Jacob, a man who is taken hostage by terrorists and brutally executed during a plane ride home to his pregnant fiancé. In the film Clippings I play the role of Jay, a waiter who gets stuck taking care of the worst customers, but my character gets lucky and finds a $200 tip at the end of the film which makes it all worth it. I was also in the award-winning director Queen Kim’s film A Phone Call, where I play Taeho, a 28-year-old drug addict, as well as the Korean film Road to Utah where I play the role of Jongwoo.

PL: What theater productions have you been in so far?

YHL: I played the role of Barney in the production of Che Walker’s Been So Long, which was directed by Oscar winner Milton Justice. I also play Karl in The Marriage of Bette and Boo, and Dr. Triletsky in Wild Honey.

PL: What has been your favorite role so far and why?

YHL: It is really hard to choose, but if I must I would choose Barney from Been So Long. Through Barney I really learned how to ‘live’ in a character to the fullest capacity, and in the end I truly became him. The overall experience from the beginning to end was extremely satisfying because I learned a lot about my abilities as an actor.

PL: As for genre, what is your favorite?

YHL: I really don't have a favorite genre. As an actor, it is important to me to have a great range within my acting-- I want to be able to make people laugh, cry and feel overcome with joy and happiness.

PL: What would you say your strongest qualities as an actor are?

YHL: I have two different culture backgrounds. I was born and raised in Asia where I stayed until I was 15, and after that I began living in the West, in both Canada and the States, so I understand the two different cultures and their vibe.

PL: What are your plans for the future?

YHL: I plan to continue building my career as an actor in the States while also participating in international projects especially in Asia. I love both cultures and it is important for me to be able to participate in roles and projects that come from both the East and the West.

PL: Why is acting your passion and chosen profession?

YHL: I would say that choosing to be an actor as one’s profession is very different from other professions because it is so unpredictable. There is rarely a daily routine like other jobs, which can be tricky, but it is something I really love.

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