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Actor-singer Tristan 'Mack Wilds' reminisces on 'The Wire' family, R&B goals

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For child stars, it's rough being able to keep a diverse resume in television and movie roles, but Tristan "Mack Wilds" has managed to do it. "90210" couldn't be more different from "The Wire." Same goes for "The Secret Life of Bees" and "Red Tails."

Every television and movie project grabbed a different audience, which makes Tristan Wilds' -- who goes by his middle name ("Mack") as an artist -- new goal to bring his singing career to the limelight even smarter. He has his fans' attention, and he's dead set on keeping it.

In this interview with The Wire Examiner, Mack Wilds talks about his singing background, how "The Wire" cast became his family, what attracts him to a woman, what song is most personal to him on his new CD "New York: A Love Story" and more.

Click here to read the interview.

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