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Actor/Recording Artist Blake McIver Releases The Time Manipulator

New album showcases artist's range, ability to tell a story through music
New album showcases artist's range, ability to tell a story through music
Blake McIver

The life of Blake McIver seems to be coming full circle.

At the age of six he gained attention on the hit show Search Search, being recognized as its Junior Vocalist Champion. From there he was seen by millions on hit shows like The Little Rascals, Full House and even The Drew Carey Show. Now in 2014 he has returned to his lyrical roots, releasing the album THE TIME MANIPULATOR.

The project is a musical journey into the life of McIver, showing his range as well as his ability to tell a story through lyrics. Whether it is through songs created for the dance floor like THE BAD GUY and MUTHAH or those that cause you to reflect on life and what is important like START TO BELIEVE, STAND AND FIGHT and IT GETS BETTER, the artist allows you to see various sides of him. THE TIME MANIPULATOR in many ways is a true reflection of McIver: authentic and open, revealing the man behind the name like nothing else has done.

Speaking with McIver about the project and his success he told me that it is his hope that others are inspired to go for their own dreams in life. If he can inspire you to believe in what is possible then this album has fulfilled its purpose.

THE TIME MANIPULATOR is available on Amazon and iTunes. Stay connected with Blake McIver at and on Twitter at