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Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman dead of alleged overdose: Another Heath Ledger?

Was heroin the drug that claimed the life of Hollywood celebrity actor Philip Seymour Hoffman?
Wikimedia Commons

An NYPD source has stated that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead from an apparent drug overdose after police found his dead body with a syringe needle protruding from one of his arms in his New York residence, MSN reported on Feb. 2. An envelope was also recovered with what authorities believe contained heroin.

As in the Heath Ledger death, police learned of Hoffman's death when a person close to the actor phoned in to 911 to report the event. Unlike Ledger, Hoffman was not lying naked at the foot of his bed when discovered.

Celebrity drug overdoses have claimed a great number of lives in the past decade, leading to the obvious question of why someone with Hollywood fame and fortune would risk their lives by participating in such a dangerous and unhealthy activity. It is especially troubling for actors of Hoffman's ability, who exhibited intellectual depth in their creative work projects.

But maybe Hoffman explained it best when he admitted in his 2006 CBS interview that when it came to drugs he had "abused anything I could get my hands on" because "I like it all." And that fondness for illegal substances eventually cost him his life, tragically.

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