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Actor offers Golden Globe as a reward


Ken Wahl was an acclaimed actor in film and television in the late 70's and 80's winning an Golden Globe Award for The Wiseguy. Now he is offering his coveted award as a reward for finding the culprit who glue a 7 month old kitten to a Minnesota Highway. 

Ken Wahl

The kitten, named "Timothy" by rescuers died several days after being found by a woman driving to on Hwy 60 just west of Mankato. 

According to the Associated Press, Wahl said he offered the award he won for the TV show "Wiseguys" because he was appalled by the animal abuse and worried that whoever did it could be dangerous.

"A lot of people think it's just a cat, it's no big deal, but the thing is, remember, this is how Jeffrey Dahmer started," Wahl said in a telephone interview to the Associated Press,from his Southern California home, referring to the infamous Milwaukee serial killer who had tortured animals as a child.

Although he donated money to the now $12,000 reward, Wahl wanted bring more attention saying "It's certainly easy enough to write a check, but to give something of yourself that's a symbol of your accomplishment, is something I thought would catch people's attention more," 

In todays world when many of Hollywood's elite are going off the deep end, praise goes to Mr Wahl for stepping up and giving more than expected.


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