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Actor Lou Volpe talks about upcoming 'Jersey Boys' movie and other projects

Actor Lou Volpe plays Frankie Valli's father in the upcoming "Jersey Boys" movie
Marnie Volpe (photo used with permission)

The movie adaptation of “Jersey Boys” has been highly anticipated. Actor Lou Volpe was cast in the film and was given the role of Frankie Valli's father, Anthony Castelluccio. Volpe was gracious enough to grant the Chicago Examiner an interview to talk about his role in the upcoming movie and also some of the other projects he has worked on.

When asked about why he decided to do the movie “Jersey Boys,” Lou Volpe replied; “I auditioned for the part and waited like a month for the call back. How could I not want to work with Clint Eastwood.?” Many people around the world are familiar with “The Four Seasons” music, but the background of how the band came to be isn't fresh in fans' minds. After asking Volpe how familiar he was with the story of Frankie Valli or the band before taking the role of Valli's father, he responded; “Not very familiar. I researched the story. I didn't know much about it. I did know the music though.” When asked what his favorite “Four Seasons” song was, he said; “'Sherry.' It was the one I liked best. Also, 'Walk Like a Man' is one that stuck with me.”

Lou Volpe went through a divorce early in life and was able to find some comfort in writing about it. After the initial grieving period was over, he wrote a movie which was loosely based on his life. When asked to talk about the film, Volpe responded; “I had just gotten divorced so it was fresh in my mind. 'Divorced White Male' is a semi-autobiographical movie I wrote the script for it just four days. I decided to just go ahead and do it. It was shown at some festivals and was a great experience.” There was also another film that Volpe worked on titled “Every Secret Thing.” When asked to talk a little bit about his role in the film, he replied; “I played the lead's buddy. He was also a partially-deaf man. I had to study and get the dialect down for playing the role. It was challenging, but I loved it.”

Aspiring actors always look to successful people in the business for advice, and when Volpe was asked if he had any advice to give, he stated; “Work hard. Keep going to auditions. When you audition, play the role. Don't think of it like applying for a job, do it like you already have the job. Leave the audition at the door and forget about it. If you don't, you will be sitting around waiting on a phone call.” The advice was genuine and coming from someone who was determined to make his dreams a reality, it should be followed.

Actors often have “dream” roles they would like to play, but Lou Volpe didn't. He replied; “It is hard to say what my dream role is. Every role is different. I would love to have a good role, something founded and challenging. I would love to work with people well-known directors and actors if the role is right.”

At the end of the day actor Lou Volpe is just like everyone else. He enjoys spending time riding horses and cooking Italian food. Sometimes he takes a dish and puts his own spin on things to make it unique. When riding the horses, he goes down hills and into the valley. It is like his own personal exploration adventure.

Be sure to catch Lou Volpe as Anthony Castelluccio in “Jersey Boys.” The film opens in theaters June 20.

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