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Actor Kevin Hart shares funny real-life Bible lesson

Kevin Hart grew up in a Christian home.
Kevin Hart grew up in a Christian home.
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Actor Kevin Hart was born and raised in Philadelphia in a Christian home with a "very religious mother." According to a March 24 article in the Blaze, his mother taught him a funny but touching lesson when he was first breaking into the entertainment industry and he shared the story during a recent appearance on the Oprah Prime show.

"My mama’s over-religious. . . you ever meet anybody that’s over-religious? Talk about God all the time? Or blame everything on the devil? That’s my mom." -- Kevin Hart via

Breaking into the arts is a challenging endeavor without much promise of actually making a living. Kevin Hart's mother agreed to financially support his efforts for a year. In that time, he'd have to prove that he could support himself. She agreed to help with his rent during those first 12 months of his career.

At first he didn't need the help. He wasn't making a ton of money, but he was having fun and establishing an important network of social and industry connections. But about six months in to his new career, he missed a rent payment. Thankful for the safety net his mother had offered he went to her and asked for the money. However, she answered him with a question. "Are you reading your Bible?"

Hart recalled the incident and told Oprah that he said, "Mom, come on – I don't have time to talk about that right now. I'm late. I need the rent money." To his chagrin, she didn't give him the money. They talked back and forth for weeks, after all she had said she'd pay his rent! Instead, she continued to tell him that she would talk about the rent once he read his Bible.

Just about the time he didn't think he could get any more desperate, he received an eviction notice. He went to his mother one more time, but she did not give him the money. In total desperation, he returned home and figured he should probably read his Bible. When he opened the pages, to his surprise, six rent checks fell out. She had put all the rent checks in the Bible all along. If he'd been reading his Bible, he would not have experienced his financial difficulties.

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