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Actor Glenn Keogh delivers in ‘Transformers’ film, ‘Ray Donovan’ and more

Actor Glenn Keogh
Transformers Age of Extinction, Ray Donovan, Scorpion

Actor Glenn Keogh has certainly transformed his life recently with a series of roles in some pretty high-profile projects. He burst onto the big screen in Michael Bay’s newly rebooted franchise film, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” which just earned over $300 million during its opening weekend.

Glenn will also hit the small screen in several shows in the coming months, including Showtime’s popular series “Ray Donovan,” the new CBS drama “Scorpion,” and the long-running NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.”

Originally from Blackrock, Ireland (a suburb of Dublin), Glenn never imaged he’d be battling bad guys for a living. But, when his original career path as a soccer player was cut short due to an injury, he turned to Accounting in Australia. It was during this time down under that Glenn discovered his abilities as a performer, learning his craft and even earning a nomination for a Queensland Best Actor Award.

Eventually, Glenn made his way to Hollywood and hasn't looked back. Fans will recognize him from roles in some of America’s biggest shows, including “Sons of Anarchy,” “Criminal Minds,” “Castle,” “General Hospital,” and “Undercovers.”

We recently caught up with Glenn Keogh to find out about his role in “Transformers” and more.

Tell us about your role in the new “Transformers” film.
GLENN: I play a Geologist/Site Foreman that makes a very important discovery to kick the film off!

What was it like stepping into the reboot of the uber-popular franchise?
GLENN: Fantastic, incredible cast and bigger and better than ever. I was a fan of the previous 3 films but never expected Michael Bay to raise the bar even higher, which he has with this latest edition...

How was working with director Michael Bay and this all-star cast?
GLENN: Brilliant experience. Michael is a pure genius with incredible energy and drive. He runs a very well-oiled machine and it was a pleasure to be one the cogs that moves the ship along!

Any fun stories from the set you can share with us?
GLENN: Sorry but not allowed to tell…let’s just say we had a few laughs and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

You’ll also be appearing in the Showtime series “Ray Donovan”; what can you tell us about your role in this?
GLENN: I play an Irish Immigration officer, working closely with one of the main characters (sorry can’t say which one) fun episode and nice to play a government official once, typically it’s the officials that are tracking my characters down!

And, what can you share with us about your role in the new CBS drama “Scorpions”?
GLENN: I play the Father of the Lead character in the show, who is taken from me at a very young age by American authorities, to form part of a crack team to take down terrorists around the world. I was lucky enough to work with the amazing Robert Patrick in the Pilot and hope my character recurs throughout...

So…I have to ask…do you prefer to work in film or TV?
GLENN: Both are very different yet very similar. I love the fast paced TV setting and sets, while at the same time enjoy the typically more steady approach of film. Please God, I hope I get to experience more of both in the not too distant future.

And lastly, how can your fans keep up with your busy career?
GLENN: They can follow me on twitter @GLENNKEOGHACTOR
or on my Facebook community page under GLENNKEOGHACTOR

Thanks, Glenn…and we have a feeling you’ll be experiencing both again real soon!

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