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Actor Chris Lythgoe channels cops, vampires and pirates

Actor Chris Lythgoe loves to play law enforcement roles.
Actor Chris Lythgoe loves to play law enforcement roles.
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Happy Mid-July, my dear readers. I often like to profile emergining talent in this space. Today's subject is Chris Lythgoe. Chris is busy with films like The Basement and Vampires in Virginia. He's also got a new project, the dark comedy Mortal Coils. And he's got...well, let me let him tell you!

Chris Lythgoe does his "Pirate Thing!"
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Q - What's Mortal Coils about?

A dark comedy dealing with the eccentric going ons of a recently purchased small town funeral business.
Walter, a well meaning funeral director, must keep it together amidst major changes in his small town funeral home. A cast of eccentric co-workers, a buy-out from corporate investors, and a new boss? Then of course there are the dead people...

Q - You play in a Christian film, The Basement. How did you get the role and where can we see it?

I was blessed to get the role of "Pastor Sam Ames" in the "Basement" because a friend told me about the part and I jumped at the opportunity to be a lead that is also a very complex character in this feature film. The film is currently being marketed for distribution and we hope to know something soon. We may also eventually screen the film at the historic "Byrd" theatre in Richmond.

Q - I hear you just got cast as a vampire. Any conflict there with your Faith?

I have recently been cast in a feature film titled "Vampires In Virginia" and it is my understanding that I would play the role of a Detective in the film. I don't believe in having conflicts with my faith because I am confident and secure in what I believe regardless of any role that I may accept. I guess it's all part of the business and I accept my roles on a case by case basis.

Q - I see you in pirate garb a lot. What's the story there?

The Pirate garb that I sometimes wear can be explained with many factors involved. I happen to be a history buff and have visited the Outer Banks in North Carolina where, "Blackbeard" [the pirate] spent a good deal of his time and where he was eventually killed. I am now a "Blackbeard impersonator" and entertainer and have friends that are in a local Pirate living history group in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Q - What's your favorite role to play?

Well, my favorite role to play that I feel completely satisfied and fun as a character is Detectives and Law Enforcement Officials. Probably because of my real jobs in Security, Personal Protection, education and training. I have played lead Detectives in a feature film titled "Watching" in the role of Detective Sal, internet and Cox cable TV show "Precinct 757" as lead Detective Frank Goldman, in the upcoming film (currently shooting) "Vampires In Virginia", and on several crime recreation TV shows on the cable station ID channel such as "Southern Fried Homicide" and "Who the Bleep Did I Marry".

Q - How did you get into acting?

Well, I originally got involved with acting many years ago as part of the drama club from high school, then, years later [about] 2007 I started taking acting for film classes through an Independent Film Director that I met (while finishing my undergrad) and he invited me to be in one of his films as a "Thug" type character and then...I just got the acting bug and have been doing films, TV shows and Commercials ever since.

Q - How can fans keep up with you?

William, I really appreciate the interview and the time and hope to learn more about your show. Anybody that is interested in keeping up with my exploits can track me on the "LinkedIn" website. Chris Lythgoe Mgr. of BlueLight Services LLC. Chris Lythgoe

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