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Actor and comedian Bryan Callen talks 'My Man is a Loser,' out July 25

My Man is a Loser” – a new comedy by Lionsgate Entertainment – will premiere in select theaters and on demand on Friday, July 25. The hilarious, R-rated film stars John Stamos, Michael Rapaport, Bryan Callen, and Tika Sumpter, and the supporting cast is just as entertaining. Marty and Paul (Rapaport and Callen) are business partners who, although successful in their careers, are far less admired in their homes. The thrill is gone, and they realize, “Our wives think we’re losers.”

Bryan Callen and Michael Rapaport in 'My Man is a Loser'
Photo courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment, used with permission

If there is any man who can turn this situation around, it’s Stamos. The former teen idol, and current MILF idol, plays Paul’s playboy brother-in-law, Mike. He takes it upon himself to teach Marty and Paul the moves he uses on his conquests so that the men can woo their wives again. Although he thinks he has women all figured out, he really has no idea – a lesson he learns from no-nonsense hottie Clarissa (Tika Sumpter).

“My Man is a Loser” could have been completely cheesy, but the hilarious cast and random, ratchet lines and vulgarities keep even the most ardent rom-com hater entertained. It also could have been another film where the men are slovenly man-children at the mercy of their wives. Instead, Marty and Paul are attractive and competent, and just need help getting their confidence back.

In an exclusive interview, stand-up comedy king and skilled actor Bryan Callen talked to about being a real-life husband, his disdain for the aforementioned “man-child” films, and what to do if your man is a loser.


EXAMINER.COM: There were several scenes in “My Man is a Loser” that seemed very candid. How much of the film was off script?

BRYAN CALLEN: A lot of it actually. The core story was there, and then [director, Mike Young] kind of let us go crazy. Being in quite a few movies... there’s always things that are changing about a film.

I’m glad that the film didn’t make the men complete morons. How do you feel about movies and television shows with “man-children”?

It bothers me... and you see that a lot. That’s just artificial. I don’t know who’s responsible for that, but I have a feeling it’s a bunch of guys who practically haven’t done a whole bunch of dating, or sports, or spend a lot of time with real guys.

Women don’t like those guys (man-children), and I don’t like those guys. So you get a lot of TV shows and films and anti-romantic comedies where the pudgy, kind of dork ends up winning in the end. Real life isn’t really like that. They’ve got these same TV shows, and they don’t do well... because people can’t really identify with people like that.

What would you tell a woman who thinks her man is a loser?

Women find men attractive who are aggressive... but later on, they get worried that that aggression, that alpha energy is going to be turned back against them and their children. So they beat it out of the man. And once they beat it out of the man and they’re successful at doing so, all of a sudden they’re not attracted to their guy anymore... You have to be careful with that.

What advice would you give to a man who has gotten complacent in his relationship?

If you don’t tend to that partner, if you don’t tend to that girl, you’re going to run into some problems. [Women] have different needs. If you don’t pay attention to that, and you don’t treat your relationship right... your wife is usually going to alert you to that fact.

It’s not just about you paying the bills, or whatever, [it’s] “I have these needs...” That’s kind of what you’re [dealing with] in this crazy thing called a relationship.

What else are you currently working on?

I’m getting ready to shoot my second comedy special, so I’m going to Florida... I’m going to West Palm Beach, I’m going to Fort Myers... I’m going to downtown Seattle, to Parlor (Parlor Live Seattle, a comedy club).

Still doing the podcast?

Uh-huh, “The Bryan Callen Show.” The host is great.

And if someone wanted to cast you on one of those sitcoms that we were talking about, where you’re the bumbling father and husband...

I’ll do it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a whore.


Watch “My Man is a Loser” in select theaters and on demand beginning July 25.

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