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Activists will protest against the endorsement of fur at WWF’s CN Tower climb

Toronto – A protest is scheduled to take place on May 1 2014, at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) at WWF’s CN Tower climb. A group of people decided to cancel their participation at the event because one of the sponsor’s of the event is none other than the Parka jacket producer Canada Goose. Those that canceled their participation are animal welfare activists who planned on climbing the CN tower. The moment it was made public that one of the sponsors of the event is Canada Goose, the advocates decided to show up at the event but not to climb the CN Tower. They made the decision to be at the location in order to educate others about the true collaboration of the WWF to animal welfare principles.

The group WwfSupportsFur will protests at the WWF's event to happen this Thursday May 1st and on Saturday May 3rd of 2014.
Coyotes are the new target of the WWF

The WWF supports the seal hunt, trophy hunting and they have accepted Canada Goose as a sponsor for the event. The sponsorship and promotion of Canada Goose is against WWF’s claim to “protect wildlife."

Founder of the group WwfSupportsFur, Yarem Saldivar, believes it is important to alert thousands of supporters of World Wildlife Fund . There are still supporters who do not know about the collaboration of the WWF with animal exploiters. The group began a Facebook page and an online petition to raise awareness and gain support from other animal advocates. They have raised over 500 signatures and the number continues to grow. “After being a long-time supporter of WWF, I'm disappointed to find out the WWF supports the fur industry and is sponsored by Canada Goose. One of WWF's YouTube video is an add that is called “I am not a rug.” The video is referring to Tigers and wildlife crime. “In my opinion, coyotes are not fur trim coats or fabric.The killing of coyotes is also a wildlife crime” states Saldivar. When Saldivar reached out to the WWF to voice concerns, they informed her that WFF are not an animal welfare organization. The WWF claims that coyotes are not endangered yet. “I have since cancelled my donations to the fund and will not be doing the CN Tower climb this year, which would have been my 5th,” says member Elizabeth Gould.

“WWF should protect all wildlife from exploitation. Exploiting wildlife leads to their endangerment in the wild. Just as Elephants and Rhinos have been hunted, trapped, killed and turned into “ivory” and then became endangered as a result of being turned into commodities, seals and coyotes are being hunted, trapped, killed and sold as “fabric." – Saldivar

“The WWF’s slogan is ‘fundraiser, climb, protect’ on their CN Tower fundraiser posters,” notes Yareem Saldivar. Saldivar. The members of the group are concerned that because of the sponsorship by Canada Goose, people will be encouraged to purchase jackets and “contribute to the continued the exploitation, killing and murdering of coyote wildlife for fur.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has responded on their Facebook page and via email to the group’s concerns. The WWF states that they are not an “animal rights or animal welfare group” and sent them to the Canada Goose website without further explanation. For this reason activists are holding a protest to inform others about what they believe are “hypocritical animal protection advertising and practices by the WWF.

The demonstration will include audio visuals, banners, and musical performance by Tim Fretwell, a former slaughterhouse worker now turned animal activist. Also present will be animal welfare advocates who have all cancelled their CN tower climb and donations to the WWF after discovering the shocking and disappointing news.

For more information visit and Like the Facebook page of WwfSupportsFur

To sign the online petition please click here

WHEN: on May 1st at 5:00pm and May 3rd at 6:30am

WHERE: CN Tower Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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