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Activists Gather for Change

After years of suffrage, the 19th Constitutional Amendment was passed into law on this date 94 years ago, granting women the right to vote. And today, women activists are again becoming involved in changing the political landscapes and issues affecting all of us in our local, state-wide and national communities.

In Kansas, a group of diverse women from across the state have organized a network of their peers, with the intention of education Kansas women, and providing them with the necessary knowledge and ability to get the voters in their respective communities to register and vote for a new governor and secretary of state. The group, known as Women For Kansas, are fighting for change also in a number of issues, including cuts in education, healthcare and its privatization, inequities in taxes, immigration reform and opposition to the new state voter registration law.

This Friday and Saturday, August 29th and 30th, in Wichita, Women For Kansas will be hosting a "Taking Back Kansas" Public Rally and Convention. The Rally, which is open to the public, begins on Friday at A. Price Woodard Park, from 5:30p.m. to 8p.m. It will feature several speakers, entertainment, and food trucks will also be present. On Saturday at 8:00p.m, convention participants will gather at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview for a banquet dinner. This event will also feature several speeches by candidates for state offices. They include Paul Davis and Jill Docking, Democratic candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor, respectively; Jean Schodorf, (D) for Secretary of State, and Greg Orman,(I) U.S. Senate candidate. The event emcee will be the former Chair of the Kansas Republican Party, Rochelle Chronister.

Kansans from across the state are invited and encouraged to attend the events and to become involved in the process of change in state government and issues, through participation and activism in the political process. It is when a certain cause, or causes, inspires citizens to act, and gain the necessary momentum and support, that government at all levels, is able to reflect our concerns and respond positively and beneficially to our needs. History has recorded the truth that one person can make a difference, and several can create change.

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