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Activists deliver 11,000 signatures in support of Attorney General's lawsuit against Obamacare

Crank and Busse delivering the 11,000 signatures to Attorney General Suthers' office today
Crank and Busse delivering the 11,000 signatures to Attorney General Suthers' office today
Kathleen Baker

Don’t ever throw down a challenge to Lu Busse, Chair of the 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition, she’ll accept it. When someone questioned a statement she made on her blog that she represented 10,000 voters who supported Colorado Attorney General John Suthers’ lawsuit against ObamaCare, she set out to prove him wrong. She immediately contacted Jeff Crank, Colorado State Director of Americans for Prosperity, and within an hour they had an online petition up and running.

The two collected more than 11,000 signatures in support of Suthers with very little effort. “We sent out one email blast and several freedom groups sent out similar blasts, and we got 11,000 signatures,” said Crank. They received the majority of the signatures within the first few days. “I was pretty impressed with 11,000 from our side with not much pushing,” stated Busse.

The lawsuit Suthers is filing on behalf of the State of Colorado regards the individual mandate that for the first time in United States history citizens must purchase a private product as a requirement for citizenship. “This bill forces people to buy insurance,” said Crank.

The two liberty activists delivered the signatures to Suthers’ office today. “This was an opportunity for us to say, ‘Hey, here’s an elected official who’s doing the right thing on behalf of the citizens of Colorado,' and we wanted to thank him for that,” said Crank. “There are people who support Attorney General Suthers’ action. The silent majority is out there. We have a view and we want to be heard,” added Busse.

In addition to supporting Suthers, the two wanted to counter their opposition’s petition drive against the lawsuit which gathered around 7,000 signatures. Referring to the grassroots activity from the other side that has been unopposed until recently, Crank stated, “It’s a new day in town. When we see someone who is opposed to freedom and is opposed to the free market system, we’re going to respond to that. The people of Colorado rose up to do that.”

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  • Prudence 5 years ago

    BRAVO for Colorado ! It seems to be the year for states to stand up for their rights in both healthcare and immigration. The sooner these issues are addressed the less complicated and costly will be the damage mitigation.

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