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Activision: Success of PS4 & Xbox One why Microsoft & Sony focused only on games

Excited for more Destiny?
Excited for more Destiny?
Permission to use photo given by Activision

The PS4 and Xbox One have enjoyed unprecedented success since they have been released, and we're not even through the first full year of the consoles' life-cycles. As you may have noticed in the Gamescom and E3 press conferences from both Microsoft and Sony, games are the focus.

We haven't seem too much of an emphasis being placed on anything but games the last few months and that is with good reason. In an exclusive interview with, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg talked about the early success of the PS4 and Xbox One, and attributed the games-heavy press conferences at Gamescom and E3 to strong sales of both consoles.

"The games. Clearly, there is a lot of enthusiasm for the newer hardware, and that doesn’t surprise me at all because we look at our company and people are spending more time, more money, having longer play periods longer into the year than they ever have before.

"Obviously, the demand for and the interest for [new-gen] content is very high. I think there’s a reason why you saw both Microsoft and Sony’s press conferences focusing so much on game content, even game content that isn’t going to be out until next year. At the end of the day, that’s the promise that’s going to get the most people interested in the transition to [new]-gen," Hirshberg said.

While some people seem to be overlooking the holiday 2014 lineup of games, there are a ton of incredible experiences set to launch. October and November will be filled with major games for people to enjoy and that will undoubtedly help the continued rise in console and software sales.

With new consoles comes a new understanding of hardware, and developers all over the industry are working on gaining that firm understanding of what it is like to develop for the PS4 and Xbox One. That's why we've seen a lot of delays this year, but that should start to become less of a trend the more we progress through this generation. Hirshberg is 100% correct when he says games will be the driving force that continues the strong sales and performance of the PS4 and Xbox One, and this fall has a lot of them.

For Activision, they will be launching three games in three consecutive months. First, we'll see perhaps one of the most anticipated new IPs launch in September with Destiny, followed by Skylanders Trap Team in October and finishing up with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in November.

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