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Activision's Hirshberg on games becoming movies

Activision remains protective of their IP
Activision remains protective of their IP

Many video games have been adapted into films over the years and the results have been mostly abysmal. We had a chance to ask Eric Hirshberg, the CEO of Activision, about his thoughts regarding video game movie adaptations.

With all creative art forms, execution is everything. We've been very cautious about [films]. With the strength of our brands, we've been approached countless times. It's something we look at and say, 'is this going to make the franchise stronger, is this going to make the experience for our gamers stronger?'

He went on to say that if Activision were ever to greenlight a film adaptation of one of their franchises, the answer to those questions would have to be 'yes'. He stated that their primary business model is making great games, and these earlier statements make it clear that the company is protective of its intellectual properties. Perhaps he has learned from the slew of other companies that have seen their games adapted into second rate films that don't understand the source material.

Activision's protective nature isn't surprising, as Hirshberg had previously stated that the execution of an idea is the most important factor in whether or not it will be successful. In short, while these statements certainly don't rule out the possibility of a Call of Duty movie, we wouldn't get our hopes up just yet.

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