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Activision on 'Skylanders' current-gen only game: Past-gen audience still huge

The customer is always right. It's a business credo that has stood the test of time and Activision games believe it works.

Activision on 'Skylanders' current-gen only game: Past-gen audience still huge

While millions have already made the next generation plunge and adopted the XBox One and PlayStation 4 into their homes, Activision, unlike several other companies who have already transitioned their franchises to next gen, has a dedicated following on current generation consoles and doesn't want to leave them without their favorite games, mainly the upcoming addition to the "Skylanders" series, "Trap Team."

Their market research has also revealed some interesting information about many of the first next-gen console owners.

“There is still a huge audience on what is now the last gen of hardware. Lots of times, the early adopters for the new hardware are more core gamers and so a lot of Skylanders fans are still playing on an Xbox 360 or a PS3,” Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg told Examiner in an exclusive interview. “We’ve always been a platform agnostic company, and we want to be where the audiences are, so right now it still makes sense to do it on next-gen and current-gen."

Are you excited for the upcoming Skylanders game? Will you play it on a current generation console, or are you going for a next generation version? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.