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Activision on 'Disney Infinity': 'It was only a matter of time'

The Activision team behind "Skylanders" knew the day was coming when they'd have competition.

Activision on 'Disney Infinity': 'It was only a matter of time'

That's what happens when you shake up the marketplace-well two. With both the toy and game industry just now beginning to grasp Activision's innovation- an amalgamation of kiddie toys and adventure and platform gaming, the company, now working on their newest addition to the series, "Skylanders: Trap Team," expects to see even more competition soon with the addition of Marvel characters to the "Infinity" series.

"The way we looked at [Disney Infinity] is that it was only a matter of time. With the level of success that Skylanders achieved, it was only a matter of time until competitors came into that genre. That only puts Skylanders in the same situation that all of the other games we make have. We have competition in every genre we make games for," Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg told Examiner in an exclusive interview. “’Skylanders’ was an anomaly for a brief period of time because we invented it, so competition is nothing new. We really try and not focus on the competition because that’s not what leads to the best games. What leads to the best games is us pushing ourselves to come up with bigger innovations and big ideas and very well-crafted experiences."

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