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Activision CEO talks about this fall's crowded quarter of upcoming games

Activision is releasing two of the biggest games this year.
Activision is releasing two of the biggest games this year.
Photo courtesy of Activision, used with permission

The autumn gaming season is almost upon us and there are tons of new titles to look forward to, regardless of which console or handheld you may own. Gamers working with a strict budget will face some difficult decisions between established franchises and new IP alike. This season also marks the one year anniversary of the PS4 and Xbox One's respective releases, meaning prospective buyers have new bundles to look forward to. Between the pre-order bonuses and aggressive marketing campaigns, it's no wonder that a few of these games will get lost in the shuffle.

We recently had a chance to speak with Eric Hirshberg, the CEO of Activision, regarding a few of this year's biggest releases. Activision itself is publishing Bungie's highly-anticipated Destiny, as well as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from Sledgehammer games. These two games, while handled by the same company, will be competing with each other during this holiday season. We asked Hirshberg his thoughts regarding this possible conflict and the crowded holiday season in general.

I'd always rather have a completely open freeway with no other traffic, but I've yet to find that weekend anywhere in the year when it makes sense (laughs). Obviously, there's a lot of heat around the holiday quarter and we're not the only ones to have observed that. There are only so many weekends around that corner that people have to choose between. This is also driven by when the games are ready, as you've seen a lot of games that were supposed to be in the four quarter pushed out of the year, so that creates problems too. Look, it's a competitive business and the best content and the best marketing is always the best predictor of your success.

Destiny was one of those titles to be delayed until the beginning of this holiday season, though Hirshberg doesn't seem worried about its chances. As he stated, the best content tends to win out, and Bungie has already become a highly respected company due to their Halo franchise. Likewise, the Call of Duty series has managed to release hit after hit with each passing year. The decision to release these games for both the seventh and eighth generation of consoles also allows for the largest possible group of potential buyers, which will help boost their sales. There's also the matter of Destiny's white PS4 bundle, to be released alongside the game on September 9th, and the appearance of award-winning actor Kevin Spacey as Advanced Warfare's main villain when the game comes out on November 4th.