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Activision CEO: 'Genre is less important than the execution of an idea'

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The number of first person shooters and open-world titles have rapidly increased over the course of this last generation, with Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto both topping charts and breaking records. It may appear that these genres are the ones that gamers really care about and that developers should promote these as sure-fire successes. However, we recently sat down with Activision's Eric Hirshberg, who stated that these preconceived notions simply aren't true.

I think the genre is less important than the execution of an idea. I don't think if you would've taken a poll of gamers and described the Skylanders genre, it would've won a poll. I think the execution was so captivating and so magical that it won on its merit.

Hirshberg believes that a game's success is based on the quality of its execution. For example, the Call of Duty franchise, which is known for its yearly installments, continues to be worth gamers' $60 investments due to its superior content. His example regarding the success of Skylanders, a series that uses NFC toys as its primary attraction, reflects the company's strategy of focusing on a studio's creativity and talent when choosing to adopt a new franchise. Another example being their recent decision to partner with Bungie for the upcoming Destiny.

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