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Activision announces new 'Devastation' DLC for 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'

Activision announces new 'Devastation' for 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'
Activision announces new 'Devastation' for 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'

Just one week after Activision fully launched the first downloadable content pack for “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” they have already released a sneak peek of the next DLC pack. That's right, according to a video posted on YouTube by the official “Call of Duty” channel on March 6, the “Devastation” DLC pack is set to arrive in April.

“Devastation” will include four new maps including “Ruins,” “Behemoth,” “Collision,” and “Unearthed.” All of the maps are set to be small to medium maps, and each will have a new and unique field order perk including an erupting volcano on “Ruins.” It will also include a new weapon called the “Ripper,” which is a sub-machine gun and an assault rifle in one.

In addition to the new multiplayer content, “Devastation” will also include episode 2 of “Extinction” called “MayDay.” “Extinction” is the brand survival mode that launched with “Call of Duty: Ghosts.”

“Devastation” will first be available on Xbox Live on April 3. Other platforms like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC will likely receive “Devastation” in May.

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