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Activewear is 40% off at JC Penney

Activewear is 40% off at JC Penney. Not only do retailers follow the seasons, but also the lifestyles and needs of shoppers. Since that second helping of turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving to the chips and dip accompanying the Bowl games, too many have gained a few extra pounds. We’ve been staying indoors during the cold, eating more, and moving less. Before shorts and swimsuit weather of spring arrive, it’s time to get in shape!

Save on select active and fitness wear
JC Penney

Consider beginning the day just a half hour earlier and stopping at the gym on the way to work. Leave home in JC Penney’s Xersion print X-back sports bra and fitted capris with a printed waistband. Add a jacquard print sweatshirt to chase the chill. The pieces are color coordinated, emphasizing black and white with touches of pink and yellow. It may be just a little easier to start the car knowing you’re improving your body, your health and your style.

For an evening jog or run, you’ll love JC Penney’s Made For Life mesh track pants with an Xersion half-zip hoodie. Again contrasting black and white, the hoodie makes this duo trendy enough to go everywhere. You’ll be smart, chic and cozy as you jog through the neighborhood.

Use walking or jogging as an opportunity to spend some quality fitness time with the kids or to walk your dog. Family makes it fun and multitasking makes exercise more productive than ever.

If your choice is yoga, pair JC Penney’s Xersion slim fit reversible wide waistband pants with a print racerback singlet tank top. The print tank adds just the look you need to stretch in style and comfort. If it’s chilly on the yoga mat, slip on a Joe Fresh mélange sweatshirt or fleece jacket.

On sale at JC Penney are:

  • Xersion print X-back sports bras $12.99 (Reg. $24)
  • Xersion racerback singlet tank tops $20 – 2 or more $15 each
  • Xersion jacquard print sweatshirt $19.99-$40
  • Xersion fitted capris $30 – 2 or more $22.50 each
  • Xersion fitted colorblock capris $21.99 (Reg. $44)
  • Xersion slim fit reversible double banded pants $27.99 (Reg. $48)
  • Xersion seamed pants $48
  • Xersion slim fit reversible wide waistband pants $27.99 (Reg. $48)
  • Xersion pleated half-zip jackets $23.99 (Reg. $48)
  • Xersion short sleeve mélange tees $20 – 2 or more $15 each
  • Xersion short sleeve V-neck graphic tees $9.99 (Reg. $20)
  • Silverwear full-zip hoodies $36
  • Joe Fresh mélange sweatshirts $12.99 (Reg. $19)
  • Joe Fresh fleece jackets $15.99 (Reg. $24)
  • Joe Fresh fleece pants $15.99 (Reg. $24)
  • Silverwear striped full-zip goodies $36
  • Xersion full-zip leopard print windbreakers $34.99 (Reg. $60)
  • Xersion stretch polar fleece cowlneck pullovers $17.99 (Reg. $44)
  • Xersion half-zip pullovers $17.99-$19.99 (Reg. $40)
  • Xersion semi-fit pants $48 – 2 or more $36 each
  • Made For Life mesh track pants $19.99 (Reg. $36)
  • Xersion mélange short sleeve tees $5.99-$20 – 2 or more $15 each
  • Xersion long sleeve baseball tees $11.99 (Reg. $26)
  • Made For Life long sleeve layered tees $14.99 (Reg. $26)

JC Penney is located at 304 Forum Drive and 100 Columbiana Circle in Columbia.

To see JC Penney’s complete selection of active and fitness wear or to place an order online, visit JC Penney’s website.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

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