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Active Sex at Any Age Has Enormous Benefits!

There are numerous emotional and physical benefits from frequent sex at any age!
There are many emotional and physical benefits gained by having frequent safe and monogamous sex.
For starters, people who have more frequent sex tend to live longer. They enjoy lower mortality rates from almost all causes of death. Men for example have a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Both men and women have a reduced risk of heart disease. There is general improvement of the couple’s fitness level. A couple’s frequent sex has a therapeutic effect on their immune systems. Frequent sex and orgasm appears to improve bladder control. Sex with orgasm offers pain-relief as well as relieving menstrual cramps.
Frequent sex with orgasm improves one’s digestion and helps people fall to sleep faster and sleep better and deeper. Frequent sex especially with orgasm stimulates chemicals in the brain to stimulate the growth of new neuron connections and helps memory. Frequent sex helps couples achieve weight loss by burning up to 200 calories during 30 minutes of active sex. Couples who have more frequent sex appear to have less-frequent colds and flu. Lots of vigorous sex improves posture and firms tummy muscles and buttocks.
On the emotional side, frequent sex and orgasm boosts self esteem, makes a person feel younger and gives people a positive attitude on life. Mutually gratifying sex keeps couples connected emotionally, increasing their commitment to each other. Frequent orgasm has a calming affect on a person and makes that person less irritable. Frequent orgasm reduced depression, lowers feelings of insecurity and promotes an individual’s or couple’s ability to cope and solve problems.
By the way, to all you athletic and team coaches the latest studies are showing it to be a myth that abstinence before a game can sharpen the competitive edge. Be a good guy and let your teams, men or women athletes satisfy their sexual needs.

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