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Active seniors enjoy life more

An exercise ball offers many ways to exercise.
An exercise ball offers many ways to exercise.
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How do you maintain a healthier, and happier life after you retire? It's simple.


Moderate physical activity can help you live longer and reduce health hazards. A well-balanced fitness program conditions muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones to help fight osteoporosis, keeps your body more limber and stabilizes your joints - all of which lowers the risk of everyday injury. Regular physical activity can help you maintain your physical independence.

Below are some quick, effective exercises that you can do that will give you a full, body workout.

Ab Curl with an exercise ball - curl up slightly and tighten the tummy muscles and decrease lower back tightness and compression. The ball will help maintain natural alignment of the spine and lower back, placing less stress on the joints.

Chest press with resistance bands - increase upper body pushing and pressing strength and stamina, necessary for many activities of daily living without stress and strain to the shoulders, neck and lower back.

Side raise with mini exercise balls - Condition the joints and develop the muscles of the shoulder while improving your grip strength and arm stamina. Squeeze, life and raise. It's that easy!


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